He removed anniversary date on Facebook...What does that mean?

So because it was bothering me that on my bfs profile on facebook still said single I asked if he can remove it (I didn't need to have the "in a relationship" status, I just ask if he could put no status at all). He then said that we can also put that we are in a relationship, so after he did not change anything for a week (it still said single) I sent him a relationship request, which he approved but right away I got a notice that said that he "deleted our anniversary date". I didn't even put a date when I sent it to him so it just said "today".
Unfortunately I remembered that my ex told me that this was just what came up when I changed my relationship status privacy setting to "just me" when I broke up with him because he cheated a lot (I wanted to keep it quiet because it was a really sad breakup for me)

Soooo obviously I am wondering now if that is what my new boyfriend did now... change it so no
one sees that he is in a relationship? He definitely deleted that "event" from his wall but checking his info it still says "in a relationship with you".
I won't see him till Friday where I def will ask him, I was just wondering if someone has more insight than me on that subject?
I think it could also be that he removed the date because in theory we already started dating months ago but have no special date? His name still shows up on my profile as the person I am dating etc
Thanks :)
He removed anniversary date on Facebook...What does that mean?
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