Why can't I get a boyfriend?

ok please no negativity from people...im in my 30's so a little more mature...I can't meet a guy--ever. I'm in my early 30's...very beautiful...no not arrogant stuck up...i have high self esteem, confident cool down to earth...i don't play games, I'm monogamous...im not high maintenance...raelly I'm just down to earth and not into money or materialistic things, dressing etc.. I just want to meet a great guy who can be a boyfriend- but that is impossible for me to find..honestly you think there would be guys chasing me. I've been told by lots of people "u don't have 10 bf's catering to you"? you're so gorgeous? wtf? guys don't chase you? No one has asked you out-- how is this possible? I've been told...im the 'perfect type of woman" "fantasy girl" and I used to be told by people "well most guys see you as a fantasy". Yet I've seen many hot girls..who can easily get a guy...or boyfriend.

Most girls can but I can't. Most guys just make fun of me, put me down, insult me for no reason, try to make me feel inferior. I've been told by people who were abusive to me 'youre TOO beautiful" ie why they can treat me so badly... I'm also not too beatufiul...I have a girl next door look and am not intimidating... I've been out with tons of guys---many guys are so mean to me I can barely finish the date--many are jealous/insecure from the get go...and just traet me badly or sabotage the date so I get upset or want to leave.

Many after a first date won't talk to me again and treat me as if "oh it's HER" type deal. A girl who is stunningly pretty, nice kind sweet caring cool... why has no guy ever asked me out...? even guys who've liked me...never initiated and most guys try to just use me for something 'sexual' then never talk to me again...

dont guys want to date hot girls? or do they think "well I can't get her as a Girlfriend so I shud try to use her or get what I can get off her"...

i don't get what is going on ...Ive been spewing this same story for years...it makes no sense...why don't guys try to date me and just try to get sex off me and bail or treat me like dirt? Why do guys treat me so badly just because I'm pretty? I asked a guy after a date once-- what he thuoght...just to get anopinion...he said "youre amazing..and caring...and would make an amazing wife..and the guy that gets you will be lucky"...then he never talkde to me again...what on earth did that mean? another time a guy said "youre so hot...wow you're so sexy-- you seem really amazing" then in the end he ditched me because he didn't want to pay 10.00 at a perkins and just ran off...then began harassing me through text...this is crazy...many guys do this to me..insult harass me and that's it or never talk to me again... intimidation? psychosis? what is going on ?
Why can't I get a boyfriend?
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