Paternity Fraud; to stay or leave?

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I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say if i found out that the 3nd child my partner gave me belonged to another man, i don't know what i'd do, other than maybe give her a black eye... after that, your guess is as good as mine.

Your only options are either:

--- Stay and raise another mans kid, knowing your partner no long does or never did judge you as being reproductively good enough for her,
--- Leave and throw away everything you've invested in for X amount of years that you likely will never completely recover from...

… or
--- You could actually murder her, that could work too; and does actually account for the majority of murders in domestic violence cases. We're pretty much the only species that occasionally does that for paternity fraud.

Are there any men here in which this did happen to them, and tell us what it is you did and why?
Paternity Fraud; to stay or leave?
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