Boyfriend following pretty/hot girls on social media?

So my boyfriend of 4 months and I have a very loving relationship, we like to share memes/funny videos and stuff. He convinced me to create a Tik Tok account to check out some vids and I have to say, some are quite funny. One day, I went to check who he follows to look for a particular TikToker he always shows me videos about and I wished I never had looked. Most of the creators he follows are teenage, white, skinny, blonde, blue eyed girls that dance and show off their body and stuff (he told me before he found the dancing stuff weird). I’m brown skinned, black haired and kinda curvy so I felt very self conscious that most of these girls were the total opposite of me. 2 of them their videos consisted of using provocative clothes, doing provocative faces and showing skin (and like they are extremely pretty!) It made me really upset honestly... we have been intimate with each other but I’m still a virgin so I don't know I just feel kinda self conscious about my body and if I’m not attractive enough, though he always says how much he loved my body and how pretty I am. Thing is, it has become a thing for me to check who he follows and every week he follows more girls like I previously described. Now, he is very loving, caring, and understanding, and overall an amazing boyfriend. I just don’t know if I’m overreacting and if it is common for guys to follow pretty girls when in a relationship? He also follows other people but like am I not good enough or why is this behaviour? I’ve been wanting to ask him but I don’t want to sound like a stalker/jealous girlfriend.
Boyfriend following pretty/hot girls on social media?
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