Girlfriend wants sex/good looks?

I am in a clique which is extreme left wing and we have been heavily involved in university politics and left wing politics. My friends are extreme in their views with zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their political ideals. 80% of the conversations among us are only politics and the rest is casual fun talk.

I'm half Israeli from my dad's side and I'm Jewish. Ever since I joined this clique I knew they hated Israel and the atmosphere for Jewish students was very hostile. In my first year, I faced blatant antisemitism. But I gradually concealed my Israeli roots and involved myself with left wing politics and groups and faced acceptance from my friends.

I never dated any women in this university because I knew they wouldn't accept me genuinely but things took a downhill ever since I lost an opportunity to date a girl I truly liked (she wasn't extreme left nor hated israel) but I messed up and it was my decision to leave her and move on.

I had pinned for her, wanted a relationship with her and wanted sex/normal gf-bf things but couldnt achieve those only due to my fault. I went to Italy (had a female friend in my clique who was italian) and she helped me through frequent meet ups, texting etc. I was hurt and my ego was bruised and I felt she was so much nicer and we begin dating/had sex (we were LDR). However, my girlfriend is a staunch hater of Israel like my friends. She supports all antisemitic groups and people. She was even actively supporting a girl who advocates for destruction of israel and went to protests against Israel. She has no interest in learning about the situation and only wants to believe the palestinian side.
she's also a fierce feminist and she only likes to hear what she likes/wants to hear. Nothing else. Otherwise she unfriends or unfollows.

The sex is good and she finds me very handsome. She has my photo as her iphone wallpaper.
Should I even be in this relationship or leave this and find someone who loves me truly?
Girlfriend wants sex/good looks?
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