Do you think it is fair for my boyfriend to ask me to pay?

My boyfriend has raised an issue about me not contributing to enough in the house. Our current arrangement is that he covers 100% of rent (We don’t live together but I stay at his place 70% of the time), I cover 70% of food+other expenses, and he does all the cleaning. He picked a fight with me about not contributing enough esp. in regards to cleaning. So we settled on maybe having a schedule where I clean 50% of the time. But in return I asked him to reduce my financial contribution to 50% again. He refused. The problem is that maybe at face value it would be fair for me to pay 70% for food and clean 50% since he still pays rent and I do stay there 5 days a week... But the thing is that he is 10 years my senior and earns twice as much as me. I’m a new graduate and my salary is at 30k, his is at 60-70k. He already owns a house somewhere else, whilst I’m putting money aside for my first mortgage. The rent he does pay is only £1000 a month and he would pay the same if I wasn’t there (he didn’t upgrade the size of his place when we started dating or anything)

The result is that in the past few months we had been dating, he accumulated some 4K in his account, and I am barely making ends meet. I usually set aside most of my pay, and waste about £30 on food p. w. but since we started ‘living together’ I need to side £20 for food because his portions are x2/3 higher than mine.

I don’t want to seem entitled but I also feel like if I was in his place I wouldn’t put so much financial strain on my partner. I did, at some point, date someone who earned 1/3 of what I earned and there the arrangement was that I paid for 2/3s of everything because I knew he was struggling with money.

Am I being entitled or is he being too strict?
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Set aside £200 for food*
Do you think it is fair for my boyfriend to ask me to pay?
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