What do you think of your S/O being best friend with their exes?

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My boyfriend is best friends with his ex who he had broken up years ago and has continued being friends with. He has moved on with his life but not her. How do I know this? It's because she hates me. No wait, hate is an understatement of the century. She DESPISES me. Hates me and him for being together. Hated me before she even met me. And she is his best friend. Now you see, I've been with this amazing guy for 3 years now and I know no one is perfect. I just don't know how to let this go after everything she put me in. Torturing me mentally with this thoughts for years. I've become this paranoid freak every time I know that they are hanging out together. (They are foreigners in the same country, same city) And I, am so so far from both of them.

He knows what she did to me. And she also needs to heal by assuming that I don't exists and she continues her friendship with him like how they used to back in college. Basically, in a denial. So she stopped bothering me and somewhat moved on, while I am miserable with no peace at all, I become bitter. They hang out all the time, going road trip together (either just both of them or with group of friends). My mind sabotages me with her words that she once planted in my head. I am a mess. I controlled him from going out with her or their group of friends. Basically whenever I know she's there, I will act out and he and I would fight all the freaking time. (Toxic me yes feel free to judge guys I know what I am)

We talked about this so many times, but he ended up getting angry because he says that his friends (including her) think that he spends too much time on his phone with me. I tried breaking up with him so many times too out of guilt for being this way, but he didn't want to let me go. He just wants me to change this toxic behaviour and accept their friendship. I know he loves me and he also cares about his best friend like a family. I just don't know how to accept her when she never accepted me.
What do you think of your S/O being best friend with their exes?
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