Why do the prettiest girls call themselves 'ugly'?

I personally have never seen ANY ugly girl. NONE. I have seen beautiful girls with zero confidence, who have completely given up hopes on being fit and maintaining themselves because someone told them they are not good looking enough. And it turns me off beyond heck. Because regardless how much you try, they insist that they are 'not pretty at all'. WTH

And then, I see confident girls who are not any different, but are passionately obsessed with themselves (in a good way) and are living life to the fullest because they value themselves, they feel pretty and are recognized in the same manner.

Is it some emotional/psychological disorder that is more common within women? Is it because of competition? Do you feel this way? Have you ever known anyone who felt this way?


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  • I think its a combination of things. Society really doesn't make anything easy on women. Women have the higher expectation to maintain looks and tend to be more valued based on looks. Women also get more criticized when it comes to the body. Hollywood is a good example of this. Men don't have to be super hot to get lead roles, but women tend to have to.


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  • Well the people around me and also a lack of having any real friends I have for years (and still kind of do) feel that I am not pretty. I do try to dress up and wear my makeup but some times even then I feel so ugly! I hardly ever get compliments. Even though I have never been called ugly the lack of compliments says it more than anything. I mean I like the way I look and am happy with myself (I could lose some pounds though), but there are those times when I'm like damn...I look really f*ckin ugly!

  • I think it's because we want compliments. Cause we want guys to tell us we're beautiful or pretty without having to mention anything, and when they don't, we feel like we must not be worthy. So, we look for a compliment by insulting ourselves.

  • OK, so I'm going to start with saying that people have different lives. Different things happen to different people. You can't generalize all women and say it is a disorder of being a woman to feel so insecure. You have to understand that we don't grow up with man's eyes; we grow up with our own. Therefore, what you see and what we feel can be two completely different things.

    • I sincerely wish women saw themselves with their own eyes too.. MOST (not all) don't. They live to live up to some guy's expectations. others who fail, feel like they don't exist. Read the answer above. It's hurtful and sad to see so many young women on the verge of suicidal just because they are told they are not good looking. And it has become NORMAL to 'admit' being ugly because someone said so. I have seen overweight women too feel and be called gorgeous because of confidence. why not all?

    • Idk, I agree with you. But, there are some reasons women don't see themselves attractive. One, society. Two, men who constantly judge on looks. From those two things, it ca then transfer onto themselves. Technically, you don't have to worry about that though! We do! Thanks for your concern, but us girls are strong as we are. We'll be fine :)

  • It's not some sort of disorder.

    For me, I think I'm ugly because I really don't think I'm pretty. I look in the mirror and I see less than average teenage girl, a little overweight, giant boobs (which I HATE), zits, hair that I try to make pretty but it never looks good, and an average face. Nothing spectacularly gorgeous. I'm not cute. All that coupled with the fact that I'm constantly harassed, by people who think they are better than everyone else and also share the same feelings about me that I do, and I've never had anything of a relationship, not even really a look from any guy, it makes me realize just how not cute I really am.

    No disorder. Just reality.

    • You're the perfect example of what I am talking abt.


      Ryan seacrest. Look at his fan following today.

      When you believe you are beautiful, people feel the same way, and your inner beauty shines right through you, and takes physical form. No one will love you if you otherwise!

      Cheerleaders and models are loved because they are obsessed with their looks.

      feel beautiful and you will be.

  • It's EITHER:

    1) Low self-esteem: So, even if they're so pretty, they don't see it.

    2) Seeking compliments: It's like when a girl tells a boy "My hair doesn't look good today" although her hair is awesome. So, it's like "Look to my hair!". ha ha so he definitely replies saying "it's beautiful". she's only seeking compliments.

    • I hope it is. Sadly there are those few who genuinely feel unattractive. I had read about young girls killing themselves, doing drugs, becoming anorexic...all to live up to 'SOMEONES' epitome of beauty.

  • for me I was constantly told I was ugly and passed over for girls who were considered prettier. I got made fun of and a lot of mean comments so now I'm older and beautiful I still sometimes don't try with my look. a lot of people don't realize that words can hurt people and a lot of people are cruel. even pretty looking girls can get criticized and ripped apart

    • You are beautiful because you feel beautiful. Like I said, I swear I haven't ever looked at a girl and ACTUALLY felt 'whoa she is ugly'. Its just a few girls who have lack of confidence; and are discouraged from exploring their beauty -and they end up not doing so.

      I am glad you aren't one of them. All girls are gorgeous by nature. they symbolize beauty ;)

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