I think I caught feelings for this guy I hooked up with?

Hi guys, this is going to sound stupid but I really need support about this. I’m on a 2 week vacation right now and the other day I saw this guy in a mall and we were making so much eye contact for like an hour at this café and I thought I had found the love of my life. He approached me and asked for my phone number and when I got home he texted me asking to meet me. He’s Italian and speaks barely any English so we had to use google translate and he told me he saw something special in me and thinks we could have a future together possible even in my country. I’m not that dumb and gullible to believe that a stranger would do that for me but because he’s Italian part of me though maybe his culture is to be direct and romantic like that. I was acting like I was part of some romance movie or something... 😞 Anyway pretty soon after that he started touching me and we basically hooked up (we didn’t go all the way though). I tried a lot of things with him that I’ve never done before and we’re firsts for me and as soon as I got home I started feeling extremely emotional about it and just started crying a lot. Now it’s a few days later and I thought I had gotten over it but now I have this strange feeling that I have caught feelings for him. I really like him and his personality in a romantic way, and not just a one time hook up... So I just tried telling him I think I like him but now I feel heartbroken because I know for a fact he doesn’t feel the same. He just told me we can stay friends and talk on Snapchat when I leave, but because of the long distance a romantic relationship wouldn’t work. I kind of had a feeling in my head he was lying about moving to be with me but I guess part of me wanted to trust him. So essentially he used me for my body and I’m literally in tears right now, because I feel like I am in love with him or something 😭 I don’t know what to do... can anyone relate or please have any suggestions or opinions on the situation?
I think I caught feelings for this guy I hooked up with?
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