I hate being a Submissive man. Am I right to hate it?

I genuinely don't like being what I am, and what I'm attracted to. The title pretty much sums it up. I'm a man who's submissive; I prefer for women to lead in relationships.

And as for the things I'm attracted to? It's traditionally masculine traits--especially dominance (I'm straight tho). So a lot of my fictional crushes (Come on, let's not act like we don't have any) are sporty tomboys or warrior women, like Xena from Warrior Princess Xena.
I hate being a Submissive man. Am I right to hate it?
And by masculine traits, I mean traits like the following:

-An athletic/muscular build
-Physical prowess
-A penchant/love for sports
-A love of meat (I'm actually a meat lover myself)
-Dominance/leadership (obviously)
-A love of hunting/fighting
-Willingness to fight and kill (Like hunters, soldiers, Marines, etc.)

The thing is, I know that most women like masculine men--and part of that includes dominance. Or at the very least, men who want equal power in a relationship. But I genuinely don't want that. I'd rather be submitting to a woman who, for lack of better words, can do things "like a guy."

I hate that about me, and I'm starting to consider changing my ways. I'm starting to consider making efforts to become more masculine and dominant. Working out more (I'm not very strong), taking up martial arts or some other physical activity, making steps to become more of a leader, and going for feminine and submissive women instead. But am I right to want this for myself, or am I being irrational?

I have a friend who says that it's up to me if I want to change. He never judged me for being a male Sub, but he says that me hating it is growth because it means that my perspective is changing. My friend said that he just thinks I should be more open-minded, and that the insecurity I'm feeling is self-evaluation.

So what do you all think? Should I try to become a manly and dominant man and switch to feminine women? Or am I fine the way I am?
I hate being a Submissive man. Am I right to hate it?
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