Is it normal to love someone so much that you are obsessed?

I've been with my boyfriend who is an expat for 7 months. He loves me and says the connection is intense and he wants a future with me and I make him happy but we have a long way to go for applying for visas and our relationship future depends on the government. He is 5 years my junior and looks exactly like my dream man that I've always wanted since I was 12. He also is the most caring, sweetest and loving person I've ever met. He makes me feel so special and loved. i can't believe he is mine. Is it normal that my already strong feelings keep getting more and more intense that I obsessively think and look at what he is doing, I have had many relationships even a marriage, I have 2 son's. I've never felt like this for anyone and it's interfering with my ability to concentrate at work, with family etc. I'm petrified of losing him from either the visa and government or him eventually changing his mind about me which he says he won't. Anyone had this before? Sometimes I start arguments because I don't like other women flirting with him or posting nudes on his Instagram feed (his flatmate recently posted full frontal nude on Instagram) I don't want him near it but he refuses to delete women because I say I dont like their lifestyle. I get very angry and there's arguments. But I'm over protective and obsessed.
Is it normal to love someone so much that you are obsessed?
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