Do you believe two souls can be this connected?

My ex and I were really close. In our first year of dating. I remember he would call me up and say things like, you're not feeling well are you? You've got a headache.
Random but it was true. Sometimes it was a stomach ache. Anyways sometimes it worked out to be the other way around.
When I was having a miscarriage that morning I had gone to work I was feeling really unwell and had really bad stomach pain.
He had called me several times (phone was in the lockers) I hadn't seen the calls. They rushed me to the hospital when he arrived he complained of stomach pains so bad he had booked to see his GP.
Its a lot of years later and we've now split up (6 months back). But every now and then I still feel like we're connected. This morning I was resting in bed and I swear out of nowhere it was like he was next to me talking, "I know I've hurt you and you're mad at me, but I really need to talk to you"
He sounded really emotional...
This sort of thing has happened in the past and it turned out he was in hospital with a dislocated shoulder.
Do I call or do I leave it?
Do you believe two souls can be this connected?
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