Am I an idiot for dating a girl with guys friends?

I’ve been in a 7 month relationship with my girlfriend Nivea. Me & Nivea have a good relationship. Nivea cooks for me, does my laundry, and spends money on me. When we don’t see each other for a couple days she calls me on her way to work and FaceTimes me for an hour before bed. I’ve never had a relationship like this. She even gave me a key to her home and told her dad about me.

I really like Nivea but I don’t like that most of her friends are guys. Her male bestie Mark lives a 5 min walk from her. She use to text Mark a lot until he got a girlfriend. She has her text messages on open screen. So I can see everything, but I’ve never seen anything suspicious.

One night me & Nivea were hanging with her friends. Gossip started about their friend Julio. They were saying Julio is secretly gay. Nivea explained why he’s gay. She talked about how she was sleeping over at his house years ago & Julio cuddled a gay guy instead of her.

Her exact words...”can you believe he has a beautiful woman laying in his bed and he’d rather cuddle a gay guy on his couch?”.

I got really upset and mentioned it the next day. Her response was “I know I’m hot and can have any guy I want. So obviously he’s gay”. I also mentioned I don’t like her friends with so many guys. She said she’s not attracted to them and I should trust.

I’ve nearly fallen in love with Nivea but I keep remembering her male friends. Am I an idiot for staying with her?
Am I an idiot for dating a girl with guys friends?
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Am I an idiot for dating a girl with guys friends?
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