Is it a good time to reach out to my boyfriend after being on a break for a month?

So my boyfriend and I have been on a break for the past month and a bit. It was something we both agreed on because I was dealing with some serious mental health issues and the same was true for him to an extent. We have texted a couple times this past month just sending each other well wishes and we kept it quite brief every time. When we decided to go on the break we didn't really decide how long it was going to be we just both said we needed some time to focus on ourselves and become better people. Would it be appropriate to ask to meet for coffee and just chat to each other about the past month has been? I dont have intentions of getting back together and leaving right where we left off, but I would be open to casually seeing each other again and slowly building to the relationship level over time as long as he's open to it. I would also just like to find out how much longer he feels the break should be because agreeing on a loose time frame would benefit me and my anxiety a lot at this point. The one thing I'm kind of hung up on is the last time we texted he mentioned he was having some stress due to a family member's cancer. I would never want to act like I'm intruding during a stressful time for him and his family. Should I wait for him to contact me or would it be appropriate for me to make the first move? Or do you reccomend I give it more time?
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Ended up we were good friends for a couple weeks and it was giving me hope that we would talk about getting back together then he told me he's dating someone new and I was wrecked but oh well I upped my standards and am planning on finding someone who can communicate better next time.
Is it a good time to reach out to my boyfriend after being on a break for a month?
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