Do you think it is necessary to show how much you love someone on social media?

Do you think it is necessary to show how much you love someone on social media?
How much you love, your daughters, sons, your significant other, your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean to express in words those feelings on social media. And why the heck people need to reinforce that on social media? isn't better to do that in private and directly to the person who will receive that love expression but not over social media? Sorry I find pathetic when people show that on social media for the entire world to see how much you love somoen, some may even be fake or to show off or just to pretend you are a loving person and more dumb looks when you see that person every single day or are in contact with that person like every day,

I have a 52 yrd old female cousin who do that constantly with her 27 yrd old daughter (who is already married). Even when my cousins duaghter was not married and lived with the mother, they expressed their feelings on social media very often, AND THEY BOTH LIVED IN THE SAME HOUSE AND SEE EACH OTHER EVERYDAY!!! Now that my cousin duaghter is married and lives in a different house they both had not changed that habit to do that on social media and even if the daughter is married, they see and visit each other like EVERY OTHER DAY!, which means very very often.

For example someone post on social media a meme or some inspirational message about mother daughter love or they themselves find a love message about love daughter bond, so one of them post the message on FB and tag the mother or the motehr tag the daughter so she can ese the message or image also and after that they post a loving message related to the image they tagged each other and they write they love eahc other so much, that she both of them are the most important thing in their lives , blah, blah.

Do you need to express that so often on social media? can't you do that in privacy and do not use social media for that or to let the world know they love each other hugely!
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My humble personal opinion is that habit is pathetic. I dont know by doing that what people try to achieve or convince? There is another acquaintance I know that is the same. Her love for her 19yrd old daughter is hugely but she does things overboard and both the motehr and duaghter have the same habits. The mother is infatuated of herslef, it seems, lol!! constantly she post selfies and selfies with poses, on FB and Whatassp, the daughter does the same on her FB personal account, the duaghter
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has tons of selfies and poses like model always with make up on. The mother so so often post commetns how much she loves her duaghter here and there and call her "princess" all the time, and post comments expressing her love like poems, it is toxic. The mother is divorced and does not want to be in a relationship anymore.
I know mother and daughters have to be friends but to what extent?
Do you think it is necessary to show how much you love someone on social media?
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