Straight women and gay men I wonder which sort of man you think is the most attractive?

I will definitely be creating the same question for us straight men out there and the lesbian women out there but I must admit this question were kinda fun.

Athletic Man- He is the sort of guy who will be playing sports and realistically ask you to join. He is either good at some sports or exceptional at every sport plus he is a form believer of a healthy lifestyle not only for himself but also his love one.

Rich Man- He is the one with the big bank account who can make all the women and men swoon over, if you want the guy who can give you everything your hearts desire e will definitely be your sort of man.

Gentlemen- The gentleman is a form of believer of helping his girl/guy in need, this classy man will always be deck out in a fancy suit and help pay the bills and he would even hold the door for you.

Bodybuilder Guy- Are you the sort of man/ woman who wants to see their man completely shirtless have you ever fantasize about a man lifting weights and heavy equipment for you if you answer yes the bodybuilder man is just your taste.

Feminine Man- Prefer having a man who has more of a traditional ladies touch but not fully committed in women. The feminine man is your idea man he can cook, talk about feminine products and is definitely interested in wearing and knowing the latest fashion.

Masculine Man- The complete opposite of the girly male, he is not into anything feminine the manly man will only be doing things that are considered masculine plus he doesn't believe in needing assistance, if you the sort of man/woman who wants a man who can fully act like a man than masculine men are your idea partner.

Ladies and Gentlemen which style of men would you prefer to go after? There isn't any right or wrong answer.
The athletic man
The rich man
The Gentleman
The Bodybuilder
The Feminine Man
The Masculine Man
I am a straight man/I am a gay woman so I only came to see results.
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Straight women and gay men I wonder which sort of man you think is the most attractive?
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