Guys, Does he want to be more than my friend? I need male perspective?

Me and this guy have been best of friends for a couple months now. We slept together when we initially met but nothing since. We hang out constantly after work, usually 5-6 nights a week, at least. He started talking to someone right after we had met. They broke up because she couldn't handle our "relationship". She told him to choose between me and her and he told her "Your feelings are going to be hurt then because I'm choosing her." It's not like we've been best friends forever so I'm not sure why he'd choose me over a love interest, who he was getting sexual benefits from.

This past weekend was my birthday and we spent the whole weekend together. I spent the night at his house. I was going to sleep in the guest bedroom but he came get me to sleep next to him. We didn't have any physical contact but he joked that we needed to snuggle because he was cold. We never did end up snuggling.

The following day we went have brunch with his mom and stepdad. After we went to a jewelry store/antique shop that was right down the street from where we ate. He grabbed my hand to hold on the walk because he "didn't want me to run away". We got into the store and I was looking at a ring (just a regular everyday ring) and he asked the girl behind the counter how much it costs. She told him and he joked to her to put it back!

Later that night he showed me a ring that looked almost identical and told me he ordered it for me. He then asked me what kind of diamond cuts I like in engagement rings. Why does any of this matter if we're never going to be more than just friends? LOL

Everyone thinks we're dating and everyone can see how we are together and they all believe we belong together--everyone except for him. Or so he says. But his actions say something totally different. Most friends buy each other dinner every now and then, they don't buy rings... As a guy does this sound like more than friends or am I reading too far into this?

Guys, Does he want to be more than my friend? I need male perspective?
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