Will this toxic marriage last?

0m/36f have been together twelve years, married ten. Have four kids. Both have decent jobs, house paid for.

So the husband resents the wife, calls her “loose” multiple times during arguments, blamed her for loosing contact with his family. doesn’t pay attention to the wife, help with the kids, wasn’t going to bed with his wife for months. Had an argument and she gave him one last chance to get his stuff straight. Also told him during this time she was going to get her financials squared away so she can leave at anytime.

The wife felt like she was just existing, unattractive, unwanted for about two years. She started selling “used garments” online for attention. Ended up having an emotional affair that she met on the website for almost three months. She told this other guy she’s falling for him making plans for their future and promised she’d go with him when her marriage ends. Also mentioned she’s pretty sure her husband won’t change. Mentioned swinging to her husband, and said her marriage is indifferent if it ends. Promised the guy when the marriage ends she’ll go to him.

Husband found the correspondence with the other guy told her to stop. She went no contact with the guy for about 27 days and wrote him saying she’s thinking about him, but she can’t open up the door to him or a relationship right now, and and wished him a happy birthday.

So is this marriage doomed? Will she stick it out? Odds she’ll leave?

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Will this toxic marriage last?
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