Did I really cross a line?


Two weeks ago when I woke up I walked down into the kitchen to get some water and I walked past the patio doors. What I didn't notice until I turned around was one of the landscaper guys was outside and when I turned around he was looking at me. I was embarrassed, and ran out of the room because I wasn't fully dressed. My boyfriend saw what happened and yanked the blinds closed and started giving me shit about walking downstairs in just my shirt.

Then last Monday the same landscaper guy was out front when I got home, and he asked me a harmless question about the placement of one of the trees. I didn't have an answer, which I told him, and then we talked for a few minutes about the rest of the yard. But who happened to roll up? My boyfriend, and he saw me talking to him and when we got inside he seemed okay but then later said "I thought you were gonna let that guy see your ass some more". It made me so mad I left.

I don't think I was wrong for walking around expecting privacy or wrong for being nice to him. Was that really crossing the f line?

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My boyfriend and I talked about everything and I am taking a break from the relationship.
Did I really cross a line?
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