Should I give a another chance or just move on?


I have been seeing a guy for almost a year now. Things were going great in the beginning and he said he likes me and what's to know where it goes. But every time we just hook up. After a few months, I asked him if he's serious about me because my feelings are getting deeper but things got crazy and he pushed me away by blocking me.

Recently, we started speaking again and met few times but we just hooked up. He said he still likes me but isn't looking for a relationship but maybe he can change his change if I don't act crazy over text. Last time we met he asked me out for drinks. But I am the only one that's texting and if I make plans he always says he's busy or sometimes don't even text back. I like him a lot and want to have a relationship with him. But I am at this point that I dont even know whether I am just overthinking about it or needs to fucking move on!

Any suggestions or thoughts will give get me some clarity, Thanks!!!

Should I give a another chance or just move on?
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