Is my boyfriend emotionally abusing me- I’m so depressed?


I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for 6 months. Whenever I have a problem or if he does something wrong he will shout at me, he will say I’m immature and childish and that he’s gonna end things with me if I don’t shut my mouth and that i dont wanna see it ugly and that he hates me. For example he stood me up on my birthday and 5 nights before that. I said it in a nice calm manner and he said I’m being immature and childish and if I don’t shut up he will break up with me and so I shut up.

Im also pregnant and he’s said no man will want me with someone else’s baby whenever I have threatened to leave. Or sometimes if o threaten to leave he will say how much he loves me unconditionally and how he loves me and this baby. I HATE conflict so when he yells I literally just go numb. He will call me a slag and a whore when he’s angry and I just stand there in silence, I don’t know what to say. He threatens me if I shout at him back so I just don’t.

Then he will apologies and say how much he loves me. It’s weird because when I’m around my friends he’s so lovely and he puts on an act? Then when I’m back with him talking to him he’s horrible to me. He’s threatened before to kill me but I just didn’t take it literal? I thought it was a joke? Or if i’m sad about something he will say I need to grow up and stop being a child then threatens to move out and leave me forever. He said he wish he never got with someone like me and that he wished I was an older woman. Is this common for someone to act like this?

Is my boyfriend emotionally abusing me- I’m so depressed?
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