He says "I'm too busy for a relationship right now." That actually means...?

Ok, I've been talking to this guy since like May. We've admitted that we're both really attracted to each other and wouldn't mind hooking up or something. But even before we admitted our attraction to each other and we were "just friends", I'd overheard him saying to this guy at work (we used to work together) that he didn't want to be in a serious relationship right now because he had too much going on with his business and soccer (he's trying to go professional.)

So I talked to him about it and let him know that there was no pressure or anything, but I wanted to know where he stood. And he told me the same thing - that if he had a girfriend he'd feel kind of bad because he honestly wouldn't have a lot of time for her, and I told him I understood. I'm not actively looking for a relationship either, but I guess if I found someone I wouldn't be totally against it.

So I've heard that when guys say "I'm too busy for a relationship" or "I'm not ready for a relationship", that that actually means they don't want a relationship with YOU in particular. That seems like it COULD be likely, but a little ridiculous for it to mean that with all guys. I mean, girls get too busy to be in relationships and he seems sincere and the type of person who wouldn't beat around the bush. I've always felt like he likes me (long story), but is kind of keeping me at arms length because he doesn't want to get into anything too serious, and if we start hanging out all the time we might have to but a "label" on us or something. Is he really just telling me that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with ME, but would get into a relationship with someone else? Why not just come straight out and tell me the truth? He says what he feels and is really bold with just about everything else.

What do you think (especially what do you GUYS think)? How can I get him to hang out with me more without thinking I'm trying to date him? I really like him as a person and we had a lot of fun together at work. He's the only person I know who listens to all the random bands I listen to and is as into soccer as I am, so I like being around him. But I'm NOT trying to date him - even if he were ready to be in a relationship, I'm not sure he would be the best boyfriend anyway. He's ALWAYS busy and kind of flakey, so I don't know if I'd "date" him anyway.

He says "I'm too busy for a relationship right now." That actually means...?
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