We're both too old, unwanted pregnancy, she wants to keep the baby?

Hello all,

I'm 49, my girlfriend is 43. I met her 6 years ago. She already had two young kids from a previous relationship.

I made clear when we got together that I would never want kids, being too old, and thinking her two kids would be far enough, and she agreed.

So happened what happened and now she's one month pregnant.

- she has many health issues (overweight, stopped smoking 2 weeks ago, heart condition, asthma). Health risks associated to pregnancy are pretty huge. Not mentionning the risks of Down Syndrome, Autism and what not for the kid (both her kids are aspies).

- we both are too old, and not so stable financially (I'm struggling, she's working season jobs).

- even if I like her kids, I definitely don't want to be the father of a new-born. I really don't see myself having to manage a teenager when 65 years old.

To all these arguments, she already replied the dreaded "my body my choice" thing and that she knows the risks. I understand her hormones play a big part in the answers I'm getting, and I'm sure she's deluding herself thinking I will change my opinion, since she told me I was such a good dad for her kids and we'd be a great family.

I have completely lost desire for her since she's told me the news. Even if it takes two to tango, and a huge mistake was done (I thought I was infertile for many reasons but that's another story), it goes against rationality and against what we had agreed upon.

There will be trauma associated to any decision, be it abortion, miscarriage or me leaving because I will never be able to trust her again if she forces me to have this kid. If I leave I will pay every month to support the kid.

So it's useless to tell me to "man up" reply, I am absolutely convinced I'm on the rational side and I won't be a father at nearly 50, even if it is my only chance to have a kid with my own blood. There are too many risks involved.

What can I do to make her come back to her senses?

Thanks for your time and insight

We're both too old, unwanted pregnancy, she wants to keep the baby?
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