A string of bad luck following my boyfriend? what should I do?

Me and my long distance boyfriend of six months have been having a nice time so far. There’s this one issue that I can’t seem to get my head around. He has been unemployed, in and out of surgery twice, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes , has almost lost the place he lives in, major fights with his ex wife regarding the custody of his son and his own family , has been in several minor road accidents and invested a lot of money in his hobby that he’s addicted to ( keeping pets) which he lost and has been in debt in the last six months.
he says this is how his life has always been. It’s like riding a roller coaster that never ends. As his girlfriend I’m willing to do anything to help him but as a girl I’m scared of stepping into this mess. What am I supposed to do?

21 d
To clarify, he is now employed in a place that pays him okay and is planning to pay off the debts he has.( which was because of the ex-wife moving back into her home he had to pay for the movers). And he’s always made it a priority to set the same exact amount of money aside for the baby even when he was unemployed. I’ve seen him having nothing much to eat but save money for the child.
A string of bad luck following my boyfriend? what should I do?
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