My girlfriend's old boyfriend said he's going to kick my ass. Ladies - what do I do in this situation?

I no I could beat this guy up to put it nicely but lady's I want to know what you would want your new boyfriend to do in this situation


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  • I would want you to hang around while I beat his ass myself. Then you can put ice on my sore knuckles and blot the sweat from my forehead. Maybe have a cool drink waiting.

    Seriously, ignore it until it can't be ignored - then do what you have to do. Most men spout bullshit for ego's sake - and until he confronts you physically, you can't really know what he's going to do; most likely he's just blowing hot air. You would be the better man if you didn't go looking for trouble, just go on with your life.

    I'm curious, does your girlfriend know what her ex is saying?


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  • My ex use to threaten my now husband.

    What impressed me most was how my husband always laughed it off.

    My ex couldn't say anything that would piss my husband off, he'd just have a funny comeback.

    When he'd actually say "Im coming to whip your ass" my husband would say.

    I'm still right here...but that was as far as he'd egg it on.

    I still respect my husband for that

    (once my ex told him to watch me because I'd give blowjobs to all his friends,

    my hubby said "that's why I'm with her, I love being popular" we still laugh over that.

  • Kick his ass straight back to the jail cell where he belongs. :D


  • Don't fight him. Girls think fighting is really immature. Stand up for yourself but don't hit him.


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  • Girls probably love this. I have been in this situation and the guy didn't realize that we had a number of mutual friends. The best thing to do is to take the high road and ignore it. Tell her about it and see what she says. If she still shows any loyalty to the old boyfriend then you probably don't want to date her regardless of who can or does kick who's ass. Also if she *wants* you to kick his ass, then that's not really great either.

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