What does it mean if a guy says "It's fine" ?

i'm currently in a "long distance" relationship with my boyfriend. we go to two different college about an hour and a half away. we've only been dating for 3 months, but have been friends since August, so things have progressed quickly. he's not one that's big on words, and I tend to overanalyze things a lot. we have talked about doing long distance before I left and he said that there's nothing to worry about as long as we both make effort and he was going to make effort, and I said that I would too.

i've been gone for about 3 weeks, and it is hard. I do admit that I concentrate on when he's going to call/ or if he does and not been focusing on school so much because he thought texting would be a good way to keep our relationship going, since he is not a big phone person, but I just found it odd that we'd go days without talking (which was normal when I still lived here) or I'd have to start a conversation first, when he usually does. I think Skype and the phone is best. so we fixed that patch, and now we Skype and phone, but since he slips up some, I do get upset cos I feel like he's not making enough effort when some of the time its a misunderstanding and he told me just to ease up and that he thought there was no issue going on with our minimal communication since we were both busy and that I shouldn't have to wait for him to say something if I wanted to talk -___- it seems he gets off at the fact that I drive home on the weekends so we spend one day together, since he works both Saturday and Sunday. so he's always making sure I come home.

i tried talking to him in person about it, about making more effort, but he just kept kissing me and telling me to relax. and I asked him straight up if this is what he wanted/ if he was okay with our situation and he just said "it's fine". he's already said he wants to be with me,and that its hard since he prefers face to face conversation, and in person he's the sweetest thing, and his ACTIONS say he loves and cares for me. I know he wants me to be happy, which is the number one thing he wants and not to disappoint me and I want him to be happy too, but I don't wanna stress over this so much and I can't tell if its me being a hard *** or him not giving enough.

obviously I care and love him too (we haven't said the words yet), and I don't want to lose him, because even though we haven't gone out for very long, he seems to be a good compliment to my personality and after everything I've thrown at him that SHOULD scare a guy away, he's been there. I have considered transferring to a university back home, but at this point I'd feel as if it would be for just him and that's pretty foolish.

so, when he says "it's fine", does he mean what he says?
What does it mean if a guy says "It's fine" ?
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