Ladies, how do you feel about guys that fight?

When I was a younger guy, I got in A LOT of fights. I'm a white kid from a black neighborhood that is also notoriously violent in Boston. I always had a bulls eye on my back growing up being the minority where I was, and I had to beat people up in order to be respected. I was also poor, and when you're poor, all you have is your self-respect. so when more affluent people think we're fighting "over nothing", we're really fighting over the most valuable thing we have.

so anyway, token ghetto kid soliloquy, yadda yadda...i worked hard to get out of that environment. but that experience will always shape who I am, and the number one thing I will always protect is my own reputation and respect, it's priceless to me. so now I live amongst people who know nothing of that life, and automatically judge you for defending your principles, which sucks, but I guess that's another story.

point is, I fought a lot, particularly in my college years. the one thing I refuse to ever let slide is personal disrespect, and when you're with 30,000 drunk idiots, you get disrespected frequently. fortunately I've had relatively little legal trouble as a result. the big problem is that girls get so f***ing pissed off when you fight, as if I'm supposed to lay my pride and principles aside just because they're around. obviously, I wouldn't put them in harm's way, and their safety is most important. but why trip if I'm 50 yards away at the keg and some kid needs his chin checked? that's MY business. but if someone disrespects THEM, then it's fine to beat someone within an inch of their life, which I have no problem doing, but the double standard pisses me off.

and then on the flip side, I've had girls be like "oh my god, you're SUCH a bad ass. it's so sexy." so I just don't know what to think. as per usual with women, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. but almost every girl no matter what her opinion on me fighting, has said that they like that I make them feel protected.

bottom line, ladies: you have to take the good with the bad, you can't expect me to be jet li in 'unleashed', where I'm on my best behavior until you decide my collar comes off, and then it's OK to become a killing machine. some guys are fighters, some guys aren't. also, it's not like I fight every time we go out. but I'm not gonna stand with my hands in my pockets and get my face bashed in because my date doesn't think it's appropriate.

thoughts? (incidentally, I don't really fight anymore, I'm a grown-ass man. was just thinking about the past.)
Ladies, how do you feel about guys that fight?
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