My ex best friend just contacted me after 4 months of not speaking

So here's the story, this girl and I had been best friends for eight years, and I mean BEST friends, together all the time, I trusted her with my life, people said all the time we were like the exact same person.

I moved away, and met a guy in another city who I had dated for 3.5 years. When we broke up, I was so distraught that I moved back home for her help.

She started dating this guy 6 months before I moved back, he was her first REAL relationship.

Simply put, she didn't make time for me, everything revolved around him, she ditched me, she wasn't there for me in a nutshell. She had another friend "L" who she began to do the same things too.

Then, my best friend came out of the blue and started saying things like, I wanted her boyfriend, I was making "sex eyes" at him, and what not.

Well I got p*ssed obviously because its like your my best friend, I have never changed my personality, you know me better then that, how could you ever say something like that to me, and especially when I'm going through such a bad breakup.

Well me and L started hanging out, and the more we hung out, L began to tell me all these things about how much sh*t my best friend had been talking about me.

Clearly that was my final straw. She was supposed to be my best friend, sh*t talking, especially that was the ONE thing I never thought she would do.

So we hadn't spoke in 4 months, and me and L became pretty close since, until today.

I finally agreed to have lunch with my ex best friend. We talked about everything and I was blown away.

She swore to my on her Baba's grave that she never talked sh*t about me like that, never, that she would never do that, and that it was in fact L that said all those things.

I was stunned, k first off, my best friends Baba meant the world to her, and she just recently passed away, I know she wouldn't swear on her grave if it wasn't true, I know that.

I just don't know what to do, me and L have gotten really close, but apparently she has been the one talking sh*t about me, my best friend was so emotional, like bawling saying how she knew she f***ed up with the whole boyfriend thing, she didn't do what a best friend should, but she made a mistake and kept trying to contact me and she couldn't figure out why I wouldn't give her the chance to make up for it.

THE ONLY REASON I stopped responding was after I heard about the sh*t talking, that was the only reason I felt I couldn't be friends with her again...

I'm at a loss, I'm stunned, I don't know what to do or who to believe. I only started hanging out with L after me and my best friend started having a falling out, so I haven't even known her for that long...But I knew my best friend for 8 years...It was just the whole blaming me for wanting her boyfriend was so out of character for her, that's the only reason why I believed she talked sh*t...

I don't know what to do I feel like I'm in a daze, everything I knew is now backwards...
My ex best friend just contacted me after 4 months of not speaking
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