Why did he change his mind so suddenly?

My boyfriend and I went out for 3 months, I know its not so long but we saw each other everyday almost and we were like best friends. He was sooo into me in the beginning, he even bought me gift when he went on holiday and he told me he doesn't wanna be with any1 else. He always made effort to see me and call me. 2 weeks ago he all of sudden stopped calling and texting me, he barely even visited me anymore. I called him and told him that I feel like he no longer wants to be with me.

And I said we should end it. He told me he didn't wanna break up and he would start calling me more often. I went to visit him and he told me he's really busy with school that's why things have changed recently. But then on valetines day he didn't even send me a msg or anything after telling me he would change, so I broke up with him. He told me didn't wanna break up with me because he didn't wanna break my heart, but I don't understand why he fought for me the 1st time I broke up with him, why ddnt he just tell me the truth? I'm so confused and so hurt, how can sum1 that cared for you so much just stop caring? Why did he tell me that he wants to be with me so bad and all of a sudden change his mind? I miss him sooo much, I feel like iv lost my best friend. Do you think there's a part of him that still wants to be with me since he didn't wanna break up the 1st time?
Why did he change his mind so suddenly?
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