Wiccan Series (Part 16): The Fae Realm


So first of all lets start by saying although most Wiccans believe in the Fae realm not all do. I personally don't know how I feel about the fae realm. I know there are certain aspects of it that I connect more to than others but regardless of my beliefs I have the facts from those who do believe as I do a lot of research.

In the Fae realm there are 3 main types of creatures. There are fairies, elementals, and tree spirits. In these 3 categories there are various different creatures but before we get to that we should talk more about them as whole.

Firstly when in ritual or when doing spell work you can summon friends from the Fae to help you. In general though you do not want to summon them into your circle but rather to the outside of them because they can be rather mischievous.

Each category of Fae have different skills and personality traits. The fairies are flower fairies, mermaids, mermen, little people, sprites, pixies, elves etc. They come in all different shapes and sizes. They can come like the cute fairies you see on tv, they can be more humanesque, they can be kinda ugly too. They can change their shape to match their environment. When summoning them to your circle it is best to keep them on the outside of the circle as they are mischievous and can mess around with the energy you're raising. They are easiest to contact at dawn, dusk, noon, and midnight. The best days are are the equinoxes and solstices. Some indications the fairies have joined you is when your candle flame starts to dance for no other reason or sometimes you can feel a crawling sensation on your arm. Their skills lie in healing, metalworking, and all arts. You can call fairies into your home and they will guard it and make sure nothing goes wrong but be prepared for mischief. They may borrow/hide your earrings, make your keys disappear just when you need them. They're also really hard to get rid of if you decide you no longer want them around. They could stay for a very long time. Some ways to attract the fairies to your yard is to leave offerings of milk and sweets, you can also build a little fairy home to leave in the yard, there are also fairy chants you can do.

Wiccan Series (Part 16): The Fae Realm

The elementals are Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines, and Gnomes. You can also summon elementals to your circles but you don't want to invite them in. You can invite them to guard your circle from any negative energy. Some people we are all assigned elemental(s) at birth to watch over us. They are not compassionate creatures and like fairies don't like to be thanked. They would rather a gift like milk, honey, coins, or small shiny objects.


They are a force of air. They can be a gentle breeze or even a tornado. They are associated with our thoughts and mental development. They can spur and activate your imagination. They can also carry a message from you to another person's sylph.


They live anywhere where there is fire: the core of the earth, a candle, the sun. Great to summon if you need help with sexuality or love. They will help build your passion, vitality, enthusiasm, and spirituality. The can be difficult to control.


They live in water: oceans, rivers, drops of rain. They are good at helping with healing, purification, creativity, or emotional issues. Usually they are in female form. They can awaken our empathy, imagination, and intuition.


They are part of the earth. They maintain geological structures. They are associated with sensation and fertility. They can help you with growth, nurturing, abundance, fertility, or prosperity. They give the rocks and crystals their own unique energy. They are skilled craftspeople and can lend us endurance and persistence.

Wiccan Series (Part 16): The Fae Realm

Tree spirits:

Each tree spirit has it's own personality depending on the type of tree. You can work with a willow to learn to become more bending, forgiving, and adaptable. You can work with oak to for strength, wisdom, and steadfastness. You can work with a redwood to help with longevity, wisdom, and issues of aging.

Wiccan Series (Part 16): The Fae Realm

So there you have it. There is the basics of the Fae realm! Now I have some news, some may think it is good and others may think it's bad.... but I will be discontinuing my series here on gag. I don't plan to stop writing though! My boyfriend and I are going to be creating a website specifically about Wicca. I am going to be posting all of these posts on it and will be continuing to write more. If you'd like to stay posted you should keep an eye on my current blog (which will also soon be ending with the start of this new site) https://wiccansarentwicked.wordpress.com/. I do however want your insight! I want to have more than just my blog posts on this new website. Does anyone have any ideas on things to do with Wicca/witchcraft that they would like to see on the website? Some ideas I had was to have a section on crystals, herbs, we've discussed an area for tarot readings. All thoughts are welcome and I hope to have your support in this new journey! Please do not hesitate to ever message me here on gag with any questions you have at any point. Love you guys! Blessed be <3

Wiccan Series (Part 16): The Fae Realm

Wiccan Series (Part 16): The Fae Realm
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  • themetalhead
    awesome take! sad to see this series end, but hey all good things come to an end eventually. i'll be checking out your website when its up :) one idea that may be good for it, though this might be categorized with the "Herbs" section is kitchen witchery. like food magic.
    blessed be XD
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    • Zendrya

      Awesome suggestion :) thank you! I'll make sure to keep you posted about the new website once we get it up. Might take a bit of time to get it just the way I want it.

    • your welcome XD and awesome i'll keep an eye out

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  • weirdwriter79
    Great mytake on this! I've read about fairies and gnomes and tree spirits. You did a good one on this.
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  • mike5150
    You have done an amazing job with this series. I thank you for all the knowledge and wish you the best of luck.
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  • Nice222
    Great take thanks!! I hope to follow you on your new journey. I wish to keep learning.
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    • Zendrya

      Thank you! I look forward to seeing you on my future site <3

  • admles

    I love how well you explain things!
    • Zendrya

      thanks! I hope you continue to read on my website when its up

    • admles

      Oh I will!

  • Halucinator
    Tree spirits fascinate me a lot though
  • Anonymous
    Fantastic, I was always curious about the Fae realm, especially about the Elementals. Very intriguing article, your website is going to be awesome, keep up the good work 😎👌
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    • Zendrya

      Thank you so much!

    • Anonymous

      You're very welcome :)

  • Anonymous
    ohh you mean the realm where you talk to the watchers

    look I told you already wicca
    is of satan

    whether you believe that or not
    there not fairies lol

    everything about your stupid wicca and many other religions are in this book

    20+ years of research studying every religion possible
    and it's always the same damn story
    nothing new under the sun

    as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when the son of man returns


    everyone is fucking stupid
    men's hearts will fail them when they see what is to come

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    • Zendrya

      Guess what, you are an ignorant uneducated person who apparently doesn't know how to read because I never said this is part of what I believe. Anyway just don't read about religions you don't understand or like. It's pretty damn easy