What we are, who we think we are, and Why we're Here

Firstly, I want to start off by making a disclamer statement of some sort. This myTake is not meant to convince anyone necessarily, as we all have our own beliefs and opinions, and it's not intended to make people believe that I'm right or wrong or have a more legitimate opinion than others. This is merely to just share my thoughts and observations on this matter and share it with others that might be interested in this topic.

Children, their Eyes and Peek-a-boo

Have you ever played peek-a-boo as a young child or with a young child? It's interesting to analyse as a philosophical-psychological phenomenon. If we look closely, we realise that children, when they're young, tend to identify themselves with their eyes. What do I mean by this? Well, peek-a-boo isn't anything but hiding from the other person by only covering your eyes. That leads me to concluding this about our "true identity": children know or feel like that the peek-a-boo mate, doesn't see him or her just because the eyes are covered. That might seem as obvious and ridiculous to point out. However, how many times have we heard someone say that the eyes are the windows into one's soul? No matter if you believe in souls, or not, the peek-a-boo has something there that we can learn from. This observation leads me to the next part: senses and sensing.

Peek-a-boo baby
Peek-a-boo baby

Senses, the Sensed and the Sensing.

The next pillar to touch and wiggle is our senses, which is of course another big factor to our perception of existence and reality. The context and content of reality can be explained through two main concepts: the noumena (the fabric of what is sensed) and the phenomena (Kant, 1781) . First I will take these two concepts and set them in the context of the "outer world". Here's where the articulation of ideas becomes tricky. Let's use an example:


We have a ball. The noumena is the plastic of the ball. The phenomena is the perception of smoothness of the ball. What if the plastic of the ball was literally the same as the perception of the smoothness of the ball? In other words: noumena=phenomena? So far so good. The next step is: phenomena and noumena inwards: within yourself. I will explain this by presenting it in steps:

Step 1: look at your right hand. Touch it with your other hand. Yes. Exactly. You feel it. Your hand is real. However, what makes you differentiate the feeling your left hand experiences when not touching the right hand and when it is touching the right hand, isn't real, as such.

Step 2: You. Yes, you. Can you hear me? Ok. So now listen within you: can you hear that voice inside telling you all sorts of things? It might sound like "hehe, yeah, I'm me, here I am. Well, God damn it. I'm hungry." or something like that. Well I got news: that's also an illusion. So what is left as "real"? I mean, after all, just like the ball, if there's a phenomena (the perception of it, the sensation of it), there must be also a noumena right? Yes. Good question.

Step 3: Go outside or if inside, put more clothes on or take some off. Do something that basically changes your perceived temperature. Now let's call that voice we referred to in step 2 as "I".

So if the perception of ourselves is hearing that voice telling us that we are hungry, horny, tired, cold, warm...then what is ourself ACTUALLY made out of? What is the voice's MATTER? Answer: the voice's noumena is the "act of seeing", "the act of hearing", "the act of touching", "the act of smelling" . You, as in, real you, is the thing you perceive. In other words, you are sight, you are touch, etc. However, the fact that you think that the voice exists, is not the real you. It's the Ego. It's what makes you identify as something "other" than everyone and everything else that exists. It's what makes you feel pain when something doesn't "go your way" or when you resist something that happens naturally.

What I am not saying

I'm not saying that society, reality, the planet earth, everything we see, hear, feel, taste, smell... is the Matrix. Yes, the computer or telephone you're looking through now is definitely real. The hand you looked at and touched is also real, it's just not "your" hand, because there's no such thing as you, remember? This is where the key distinction between "real" and "true" comes in.

True vs Real

I'm going to explain this purely by exposing examples:

1. The computer in front of you is real but not true.

2. The earth is real but not true.

3. You (the ego) is real but not true.

4. The only thing that is true is your True Self (meaning that phenomena= noumena thing we were talking about before).

Where "you're being fake!" "you're so authentic!" come from

I'm sure you have heard one or both of these expressions in some way or other. What they mean is basically that when someone is reporting a true experience (a true phenomena=noumena) to another person, he or she is being authentic, or true. When someone smiles without really meaning to smile, we say the person was being fake (reporting a false phenomena=noumena).

Genuine smile
Genuine smile

Last note: life vs death

This is where Ying and Yang come in. Everything can be seen as two complimentary parts of a whole. Death vs life for example, or dark vs light.

1. How would you know what stars look like from earth if you didn't know what darkness of night looked like?


2. How would you know what it's like to be alive, if you didn't know what it was like to be dead?

Orange and Turquoise.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Interesting way to put it, personally I believe the eyes are a window into the soul and have done for years then agian I believe very strongly in reincarnation.

    • Thank you. Do you believe in reincarnation in a religious way?

    • Depends on what you mean my spiritual path isn’t currently recognised as a religion as of yet, my brothers and sisters are fighting the good fight to get it recognised and taught in schools, which is heathensim and in simpler terms Viking. I and those like me believe in what talks to us on a personal level and heathensm unlike main stream religion is subjective to the individual, what you see as Viking I may not and so on. To get a better understanding look at Astru.

Most Helpful Guy

  • GOD is above the dome and yes I mean Christ
    he is the reason for us being here

    (rocket hits dome) youtube it


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  • You put quite a lot of thought in this myTake so even when its old i see your account is still active so ill give you some commentary. First of all because our view point is quite different its a bit hard to follow your logic for me at times so ill just generally comment my own opinion on the matter and hopefully you can follow mine.

    - Children peek-a-boo
    This is something that crossed my mind for different reasons, not so much the window to the soul thing. That is a very nice touch i hadn't considered. To me its like children are learning the limits and laws of the third dimension. They clearly are not used to it and its laws. For them its entirely logical you can go trough physical matter, be invisible to others when you do not wish to be seen and other aspects that would be totally logical and normal for a spiritual being who has no physical body. It makes me wonder why it is so consistantly that way. Are they blank slates exploring the rules? Or do they have reminants of there former form where these things where possible for them? After all, from the stories i heard the astral body can do all these things the children take for granted.

    - The voice
    This one i found hard to follow because of the terminology and the fact its a subject i am still exploring in my own philosophy. Recently i found out the physical me is a manifestation from different aspects. There is my consciousness which has rational thoughts, an inner voice and is clearly me. But even then its different from my true self who is the blue print of who i am trying to become and i found trough asking myself who i wished to be. That imprint is clearly the foundation of my personality yet life itself has made me differ from it and now i am contiously going back to that path. But there is more, i noticed my subcontious can actively communicate with me as well when i listen. Songs and subjects pop into my head automatically when i pause my thoughts and something is subcontiously wrong. Its a way it raises my attention while it processes things in the background. Its like the mind of my body communicating its needs and i assume it stems from the more primitive brain that regulates everything. All combined makes the me who i am right now in this form. But which aspects of these are what? And what is there origin?

    - The Matrix
    I differ with you on this one since i believe there is more then the observable world. To me the observable world is a creation by souls like us, for us to inhabit in physical form and learn from / interact with. Its effectively a constraint of our collective mind we voluntarily participate in so we can grow in a more controlled manner and get experiences which are harder to get in astral form. So to me the matrix is real, and there is a non physical world beyond it we return to when we die.

    - True vs real
    I differ with you bigtime on these.
    The computer in front of me is real, and it is also true. My computer presents truth, operates in a logical matter and has no deviation from what it is. It is true to the fact it is a computer, it behaves like a computer and it does not pretend to be otherwise.

    The exact same argument applies to the earth.
    The ego / manifestation of myself is where your sentence starts to apply. Since i am not completely my true self yet a part of me isn't true. It is a deviation from who i truly am out of habbits i am trying to get rid off. The blueprint of that is what i consider my true self.

    And that is about it for the thoughts i had on this take.

  • Have you ever heard or read about Sigmund Freud? @orangeandturquoise

  • This is very existential.

    In the yin-yang sign, there is a tiny piece of yin in the yang sign, and vice versa.


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