"True Words To Live By" Is There Lessons We could learn By These Less Popular But "Real Truth" Quotes?

The real truths people dont want to hear
The real truths people don't want to hear

This is part II to my mytake "Unmasking The Myths Of Inspirational Quotes" as promised.

These are the truths people sometimes don't want to hear, but that doesn't make them less true.

Here's a song to lead us into the first of five such quotes on the list:

1. The truth shall set you free.

Free yourself from lies
Free yourself from lies

Lies hurt. They hurt the people you lie to. People say or think the truth hurts, and sometimes it does. But lies, being lied to hurts way more.

Be true to yourself as well as others
Be true to yourself as well as others

Lies also hurt, you, the liar. If you have to constantly lie to people, to gain their acceptance or love, then you're not being the true you. And that isn't any way to be if you have to lie, hide the "real" you.

Which leads to number two:

2.Stay true to yourself.

Be true, be you
Be true, be "you"

Never ever forget who you are, or give that up for anyone. There's people who will accept and love you for who you are.

Im just being me whether you like it or not
I'm just being me whether you like it or not

And there's people who will try to change you or conform you to their way of thinking or who/ what they want you to be. But you will never be happy pretending or being forced to be something or someone your're not. Love/ accept yourself for who you are and others will as well.

3.Nice people finish last.

Niceness shouldnt be treated as weakness
Niceness shouldn't be treated as weakness

Now some people will take this as I'm saying don't be nice. And that is not the case. I'm simply saying, in my opinion, the nice people in life seem to be the ones shit on the most. Still doesn't stop me from being nice to people, because that's the way I am.

Sometimes being nice hurts
Sometimes being nice hurts

But I still hate to see the truly nice people with good hearts being hurt by or taken for granted by people with nothing but selfishness or hate in their heart.

4.Can't fix crazy or stupid.

I ran out of crazy glue
I ran out of "crazy" glue

I'm not talking harmless, silly crazy. Or some of the stupid things we're all guilty of doing at some point in our lives. I'm talking about the stupid mindset of people that can never admit to being wrong. Or the fact that some people are so set in their stupidity, they're too closed minded to ever see a right way other than there's, even when they're wrong.

Stupidity never quits
Stupidity never quits

The crazy comes out when people who can't admit their wrong attack not only people who don't agree with them, but can't stand to see that some people are happy, have what they can't achieve in their own lives so they have to attack, insult, or resort to name calling. Which to me is crazy that grown ass adults have to resort to these antics. Immature? Or off your rocker crazy?

Which leads us to the last, number 5 on the list:

5. Negativity breeds negativity.

Dont spread negativity, it can be contagious
Don't spread negativity, it can be contagious

Those people that are negative, unhappy with their lives try to spread their hate/ negativity because misery loves company. Also, if they can get even a few people to agree with them, they feel this proves they're right.

Be a lover not a fighter
Be a lover not a fighter

There were so many other images I would of used, but the words here are the most fitting, especially here on Gag where there is too much bashing. Stop trying to bash people you don't know, have no business judging. Stop spreading hate in your unhappiness. That won't make you happy, it just makes you look like an ass.

This was the last on the list, but just remember people:

Dont be stupid
Don't be stupid

As always, thank you for reading.


"True Words To Live By" Is There Lessons We could learn By These Less Popular But "Real Truth" Quotes?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Good take, brainsbeforebeuty. I like your attitude.

    One thing that bugs me is how so many people get so locked into their beliefs that they are incapable of considering information that challenges those beliefs. Instead of pondering and engaging is rational discussion, they react. They get angry and throw insults.

    I see belief as something that is ossified. Challenging it triggers an emotional reaction. Opinions, on the other hand, are malleable. One can modify or even change thei opinions based on new data. And that is as it should be. It's part of growing up.

    "Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know."
    'The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know."
    Is this still revelant?
    • Oh I so hear you. I thought the older I got the wiser. Now feel like older I get, the less I know. Thanks for reading❣

    • kymberz

      yes! and if you can learn to re-learn and face everything with the bewilderment of a child - hey. what can i say! yer on the right path for yourself!

    • Lliam

      @Brainsbeforebeauty and kymberz. You two rock. Never grow up. You understand what I mean, right?

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  • kymberz
    well - you know that i could ramble here for hours making no sense at all and maybe even offending others and saying all kinds of crazy but i will leave it at this - my favourite true words to live by are "promote what you love". i love Our Father and Mother, i love Jesus, i love life, i love beauty, i love learning, i love music, i love dancing and singing my praises to whatever you want to call it cuz a Rose by any other name is still - you know it! a Rose! so i love believing in everything good and knowing about bad but not participating ever unless i do so by mistake and i am already forgiven if my heart is pure and it's pretty busted-up but i am filling it with joy and love and falling in love with everyone and everything and ya - i found that quote - or at least the first half of it something worth remembering. the rest of it after instead? that's what negative people dwell on and miss the entire first half. so if we all just focus on the first half - maybe we'll draw people to us who want to do the same. so that is my answer. for you. and thank you again.
  • You make very good and valid points. I like all of them with the exception that I prefer to say that people do stupid things rather than calling them a stupid person.
  • TCredo
    Interesting and thought provoking post - thank you
    I agree with #'s 1 and 2.
    Don't think #3 is always the case as I believe in the end good always wins out over evil.
    #4 is often true - especially with older folks - good or bad habits or traits or attitudes become almost cemented in some folks.
    I'm a big believer in #5 - and the opposite of it as positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. The old saying "whether you think you can or you think you can't... you are likely to be right" is pretty powerful and often true.

    And... of course... the Forrest Gump line... spot on accurate lol :)
    • Thank you sir😊

    • TCredo

      Sir... made me look around asking "who... me?"
      Very formal of you lol.
      You are welcome madam.

    • I was just being polite lol 😊 would moon man be better? Or Clay man on the moon

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  • Avicenna
    Very philosophical and very well thought out. Thanks!
    Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get. 😘😘😂
  • HonestWeirdo
    in my opinion these are much more true to life unfortunately.
  • Woodsrdr
    One of my favorites has always been "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people."
    11 rules to live by because you are an adult or supposed to be...
    1. don't be a c*nt.
    2. dont be sniveling whiny sh*t when things dont go your way. it won't change anything just makes you miserable.
    3. never assume.
    4. if you made a mistake its on YOU to fix it. no ones gonna fix it for you.
    5. stop listening to the backstabbing friends memes on FB. your real friends will stick by you no matter what your situation.
    6. you can make new friends at any age.
    7. i will beleive it when i see it. bsh*tters will always be full of sh*t 99% of the time. this is for that 1%.
    8. dont f**k with a bear. a bear will kill you and for that matter: bikers too.
    9. learn to the basics of how to look after youself. how to cook, clean, wash etc.
    10. learn to form you own opinion, if you dont have a opinion dont expect a celebrity to tell you no matter how famous they are.
    11. learn how to fix stuff yourself.