Why does God allow evil things to happen?


Where does evil come from?

Every time I came across this question, I always wanted to have an answer, always actually wanted an answer because it doesn't make sense... Why wouldn't it? I mean a lot people have a wrong idealisation of who or what or whom God is (me included). We have this idea that God is some Kinda superhero guy who watches over only his children, provides for them, does good stuff and punish their enemy. Well, at the moment I don't know actually. But I think it's not correct to think that only good comes from God. For example in the story of Job from the Bible, we have been made to see that the devil was actually the initiator or Job's calamity, of which I disagree with...

From the Bible verse Job chapter 2 verse 1-6. Verses 3: KJV

[3]And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that fears God, and shun evil? and still he holds fast his integrity, although thou move me against him, to destroy him without cause

Also, it is believed that the devil is the prince of the world... A number of Bible passages cites this...

Source: Google
Source: Google

And in the temptation of Jesus. Jesus himself refused to fall into the temptation of devil to make him ruler of the world.

Matthew 4:8-10

[8]Again, the devil take him up into an exceeding high mountain, and show him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

[9]And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

[10]Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

So basically, we can agree that the devil is the ruler of the world. And it is safe to say that evil comes from the devil (although I believe that good also comes from the devil, but more of evil).

So when bad things happen to people, don't you think it would be safe to not just blame God. Although he casted the devil and gave him power over the world.

I think it might just be safe to say that it's the devil just doing his assignment which is to cause chaos... And that's all he's doing.

It's also safe to not even blame anyone at all, buy acceptance isn't so easy... And I personally don't bench on these either.

I just want you here your thoughts on what I have said.

Happy Sunday:)

Why does God allow evil things to happen?
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  • angeliquedevereux2
    'If i do too much, people get dependent on me. If I do nothing, they lose hope.'
    -Futurama's version of god
    Is this still revelant?
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  • Walt832
    Remember Lucy was an angel before he was thrown to earth. God created everything perfect. Then Lucy was jealous, anger and envy. He started to be disobedient telling his father he also had the power. After so many things he did. He was ban in heaven until he learns to have compassion.

    We actually we were in heaven but we few fornicated in heaven, we fall in feelings, desire, lust and ignorant. We are fallen angels. So now we must decide whether be Lucy or return to with our Father in heaven. Lucy can give you for your satisfaction at short period time but you don't realized your are actually falling into desires and distruction, (when you feel is good as in you feel belongs to you, you are falling into temptation). Distruction against his father creation.

    Do you know who is the real Lucy? Is you, you the one that creates negativity or be the God reflection and protect god creation which is to be good. That means if we are fallen angels we have the power as well. What power? The power to change for good by start having compassion and we will return to heaven once again. What is God reflection is to love each other as in help but don't help to harm. To have compassion from animals to human beings. He believes in us and he sees us but we must have faith and protect what God created since day 1 the hard effort that created the perfect world rested on the 7th day.

    The world is perfect but we are the ones who decides how you want the earth to be. All this distruction is by us. We the ones that created this mess not God. If you take a look this was a small shake of what can happen if we continue harming your own earth. Don't blame him blame your actions be responsible and change it remember you have the power change and return to God.
  • angecandy
    Maybe good allows evil so that human can have power to decide for themself. If god controlled us and we just obay all the time, it would be boring and also god dont wanna make us robots anymore do that we can have our own thoughts and to have choises.
  • Ericalovescats
    Hmm, well yes Satan is to blame but the answer has to be "Why does God allow Satan to be in control or be the prince of this world".

    My answer would be God has done everything that we expect a God to do.

    1. He made a world perfect, Heaven. Yet 1/3 of Angels rebelled anyway same with Satan.
    2. He made us sinless, yet we lost our sinless nature in the Garden.
    3. He appeared to people first hand in Old Testament - they didn't all follow him
    4. He did Miracles through Jesus and Apostles - not everyone followed him

    - The point is that arguments that say "If God just did things this way" are very tenuous and problematic at best.
    • Anonymous


  • needy1234_
    I don't know why God allows evil. But he's not the blame for it. Evil is the result when you go against God's laws and decide to be your own god. That's why there's so much evil now. Yes it's not necessarily our fault because sin came from Adam and Eve, but that's why Jesus came, he came to save us, to set us from sin and evil, but humanity chose to turn their backs on him and follow the god of this world. And I don't believe the devil brings good, because even if he brings "good" it's just temporary, with the end of destruction.
    • Anonymous

      True... I just liked to point that there is evil and good in both being.
      Some people don't go against God and bad things still happen to them.

      Thanks for your response

  • Skadouchebag
    because good choices are only meaningful if they were made freely. and if a creature is free to be good, then that by definition means they are also free to be evil. and a universe with no free will would just be a world of puppets that only moved when God pulled the strings, which of course would hardly be worth creating in the first place. thus, evil.
  • Tamera952
    Why does God allow evil things to happen?Why does God allow evil things to happen?Good question. Either god isn’t listening, isn’t there, or doesn’t care.
  • wilfh1965
    For anything to exist and be perceived by us their has to be an equal opposite in creation example without night we wouldn't know day time good and evil exist in each of us we choose between which path we take the most as well as there is no true form of evil what you might say is evil can be a way of life to another country or culture know within yourself what is right or wrong concerning how you treat others it's the individual and not God or the Devil but humans using them as excuses for their own behavior
    • Anonymous


  • Because if God didn't allow humans the option to do evil, it would be immoral as we should be moral slaves to not be able to choose our morality. Freedom of choice is what makes God moral.
  • akanetuk
    Some events are for lessons not necessarily evil per say
  • liad6v
    Nobody can answer such questions. We cannot know the truth and we will never find out.
  • WadeDanielSmith
    Why blame the devil?

    People choose to do evil because of their own free will.

    God has both a moral right and a moral obligation to punish humans when we choose to do evil. So things like Earthquakes and floods and hurricanes and... viruses and other plagues? The Bible says God's hand is in the Whirlwind too.

    but I wouldn't believe the Bible when it says that Satan rules the world.

    God is Almighty, and that means God alone rules the world. Satan, if he even exists, is a pathetic fool who lead a rebellion against Almighty God, and anybody dumb enough to rebel against Almighty God shouldn't be honored half as much as the Bible honors satan.

    If God made everything, then that means God made Hurricane Katrina, and God made Cyclone Nargis, and God made Coronavirus... BECAUSE humans are EVIL and humans deserve to be punished for being evil... case in point Adultery, Abortion, and Homosexuality... ot name a few sins that come to mind.
    • Anonymous

      Interesting perspective. But if you believe the Bible you don't get to choose which part you like and want to believe.

  • Gedaria
    You will have to go back further in history to find the answer. It started when the serpent dupet Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.
    Basically calling God a liar. The day you eat the fruit that very day you will die. The serpent or Satan in fact no you will not die.
    This was the start of the split from God.
    At Genisis 3:15 shows that there are two entities Satan and gods. These two entities or seeds some Bibles call them, were to exist in tandem. That's how when Jesus was in the wilderness and tried to tempt him, one of them was giving him rulership of the world. For just one act of worship.
    This is why do much badness is in the world. Because majority of people follow Satan than God...
  • LeftHappy
    Evil people are born that way is my experience, and their evil doings come from not knowing the Lord wants them to see the light of goodness.
  • ovixs90
    Why there is so many evil in the world? Its not blame God. Its people. If there was no people in the world would there be evil? No who would cut trees, who would kill animals nobody? The world would just exists. So the real evil is Human beings and what is inside of them there hearts and minds. Some would say original sin of humans to do evil or good.

    The world that exist now is a creation of all world people that ever existed of there minds and deepest desires good or bad. If plane falls and people die who is to blame? Why God you done this some say, but wait? Didn't humans created plane? Did the technician was lazy maybe and just didn't fixed the plane right? Why someone got murdered, robbed. Humans are the reason of Evil in side of them, but God still loved humans and let them exist for good and bad,
  • Because Xenu of Scientology killed God and now Xenu does evil things for fun. There is nothing anybody can do.
    • Anonymous

      I see

  • Kaneki05
    God don't exist but lets say he does for the purpose of this question. God is creator of everything, everything is created from his image therefore so is evil.

    Meaning god has hate in him and love. Devil didn't just get the feeling of hate from no where, otherwise that means the devil can create too which would be a flaw in god creates everything.

    God if he did exist he is basically a dick who just sits there letting humans have pain and his excuse is i have a plan. But legit what is a creator of everything gonna need to plan or do the answer is nothing. He is all powerful meaning he can do everything when he wants. Therefore this plan is just bs unless it is to let people hurt.
    • Anonymous

      First of all you shouldn't have your opinion here if you did not believe that there's a God. But reading further gave me an assumption that you were probably a believer once.

      Well that aside. I tried to point out that God has both Evil and Good. He has all of everything I think, which you were right to say.

      Now on your conclusion that God has a plan. I'd say that I don't believe that. There are two things I do believe.
      First, I believe he is God and does what ever he will whenever he wills it. Do he doesn't necessarily need a plan and then the Bible in many occasions tells us that God's "plan" (thought) are of good and not evil so far we follow him.
      Secondly, I believe that "Decision determines destiny" so life's like a maze. You've been made uniquely different. Certain thing you want in life but you have to make decision with what you been made of.
      Makes sense?

    • Kaneki05

      I was just saying why he would if he was real bit guess opinions from people who don't believe don't matter?

      Me believe once Nope never. But you asked why would he allow bad things to happen well no person so called full of love would. Therefore he must be evil and he creates everything so therefore he created evil.

      Therefore logically he is evil as well as good. Basically a dick hypocrite. He just does what he wants and don't care if it hurts people. He don't care that he left the world to be full of sins.
      If he did he would get rid of them. You don't hurt what you love or care for therefore he don't care simple as that really. If he exists he is not all loving.
      And no that don't make any sense some people have no choices you cannot just go ah well sucks for you that you were born in africa to only starve and die just cause destiny.

      What kinda god would create that destiny.
      An evil one.

      Which brings up the question why fallow the evil. Why follow the one who lets this happen.
      Just cause he created you? That makes zero sense.

      You ask why, i say he is evil and there is really no arugement that can say i am wrong about him been evil. So therefore you have you answer. You can choose to do with what you want with that info not believe it or whatever it maybe. But it's pretty much soildproof conculsion.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks I really do appreciate this. I do. I wished I could go on with you. Just to continue the conversation.
      Have a good one.

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  • serious
    Good take.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

  • willie1967
  • Dinosaursandanime65
  • Anonymous
    because he has to keep his word
    and because of it we all suffer

    Genesis 3:15
    and GOD said to satan one of eves kids will kill you
  • Anonymous
    Because God doesn’t exist
  • Anonymous
    I call total bullshit on the argument that "God" is not responsible for evil. "God" is the creator of all of Reality. Nothing is beyond "God's" capacity or power. Even a person who is an accessory to murder can be tried as such. No excuses for "God"! I am so tired of these bullshit arguments giving "God" a pass!!!