Grace is bigger than rules - A Christian post

Grace is bigger than rules - A Christian post

I believe that you can fail Gods standard and still be a beautiful and lovable person and that God gave every new born baby inner beauty that grows or diminishes with time - this is because a parent forgives their two year old for spilling chocolate milk on the floor but might get angry if the 40 year old maid he hired does exactly the same thing

This is why I think my pastor is one of the most disgusting people I know cause he says when a parent creates a child he is the child’s overseer and not their friend - that children will do evil and disgusting things if you don’t punish them and humiliate them when they wrong - his view is wrong because if you start out thinking your family object is an alien device - you will just hate them more and more and circumstances drive a wedge between the connection you initially had with them

Jesus said the son of man was the Lord of David rather than David being the Lord of the messiah - what this means is the love of God exceeds the rules of the bible and practicing that higher love makes you automatically obedient to all the rest of scripture - Like if you skipped kindergarten and went to university than redoing kindergarten is a waste of time and you can pass it without going through it

Light is a connective device - it connects plants to growth - it connects people to work - it connects beef to the fire it’s cooked on - it connects people through television and computers - it connects electricity through atomic manipulation and is the foundation of all natural and man made existence on the earth because we would not survive without connection

The IT guy connected your computer / the truck drivers connected your produce to the supermarket / the cashier connected you to your dish washing detergent / the publisher connected you to your bible / the credit card connected you to your online order / the farmers connected you to your coffee / the pilot connected you to your screen background

connection is the most fundamental basis of human life

sacrificing connection for legalism is counter productive and turns the law into a vehicle for hatred and not a vehicle for redemption

This is why I say love is greater than the law and cannot be found merely by keeping the law unless you keep it without hating those who break it

Grace is bigger than rules - A Christian post
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  • austinbooth
    You got that right
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    That’s true.
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  • Rocco7070
    Gods an interesting subject, really is. I dont live by any book or someone elses standards, but can say that the Torah contains wisdom and a safe path to travel. It can bring one some sort of peace, and that accounts for much. I dont really agree that its the only road to travel but admire you for giving an understanding and open opinion. Nothings wrong with that. The manner in chooseing your words is. quite beautiful. thanks
  • standardguy
    Being in the light is being in the presence of God. In his presence your character turns more and more to God's character. Did Jesus break the ten commandments? No. Did he love? Yes. If the decalogue would be not important for Jesus he wouldn't have died for our sins, for our transgression of his law. You can't separate grace from the law. Without the law no grace would be necessary. The existence of grace proves the validity of the decalogue.