Lotus flower symbolism

Lotus flower symbolism

"just because she carries it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy."

The lotus flower represents a "silent warrior," who fights a battle everyday with a tremendous will to live.

The lotus flower is the definition of "just because she carries it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy."

On the surface, the lotus flower looks calm, soft, fragile, still and untouched.

But what you don't see is:

a) the battle the roots are constantly fighting to hold the flower in its place, which represents daily struggle to keep going.

b) the roots in the deepest and dirtiest mud, which represent the deepest and the oldest wounds hidden and untold.

c) And the exhausting process of going in the muddy water every night and still blooming the next morning looking sparklingly clean and beautiful like nothing happened.

It represents a woman, who cried all night and still smiled in the morning like nothing happened.

In simple words, untold stories and daily inner battles, which can't be seen by the world.

Just like the process of this plant sounds exhausting, our inner battles can also be emotionally and mentally draining, even though the world is too blind to see them.

d) And last but not the least, the colour light pink should also be commented on. The colour light pink represents femininity and how beautifully does this flower display femininity as a strength.

It is a huge honour to know that the lotus flower that Hindu gods and goddesses are seen holding or sitting on has the colour light pink, which is a universal colour of femininity. And this light pink coloured flower represents hope.

Whilst, the whole picture is breath takingly beautiful, notice and pay attention to the lotus flower that Mother Durga is holding. She is holding that lotus flower for a reason because it represents re-incarnation and hope.

Women dont need empowering because they are already strong
Women don't need empowering because they are already strong

Every woman is a Durga, a mother and a warrior deep inside. That's the best way to view women as a form of Durga. And even if a woman never gave birth, she is still a future mother and many women are mothers without giving birth. That's why you see little girls taking care of their little brothers like a second mother even though they are a child themselves. Motherhood is a feeling not giving birth.

Back to the topic of lotus flowers....

Women are the beauty and the universe

Most flowers have feminine colours. Do you ever see a blue flower? This could mean women are the real beauty of this world.

Even galaxies have feminine colours like pink and red. There is a galaxy that is completely red in the shape of a rose, which means women are the universe.


"I envy your silent strength."

In conclusion, women are silent warriors just like the lotus flower. They are underestimated because the world doesn't see their struggles just like no matter how soft and fragile the lotus flower looks on the surface, it has the strongest roots. Silent warriors have this inner and silent strength.

And the best compliment I ever received in my life was "I envy your silent strength." A much better compliment than "I like your dress."

A little bit about me

I am a Muslim but as a feminist, I was always fascinated by Mother Durga

Before anyone makes the assumption, I am a Hindu because of the Goddess Durga bit then I just want to say that even though I am a Muslim but as a feminist, I was always fascinated by Mother Durga because she represents woman power for me. Just looking at her picture gives me strength, when I see Mother Durga sitting on a lion, holding swords and killing demons.

Display of femininity as a strength

And it's beautiful how she can be a warrior for the demons but a mother at the same time for children.

Strong and soft is a beautiful deadly combination.

Her shoulders are strong enough to carry the universe but soft enough to give her child comfort

If God had a human form, it's be a mother.
The most beautiful display of femininity- a woman raising a future man
The most beautiful display of femininity- a woman raising a future man

Doesn't the expression of this baby melt your heart? He seems so content and happy. His expressions reflect the peace a baby finds in his mother's arms. He can't speak but his smile says everything. Happy mother and a happy baby. Perfect.

And Goddess Durga is also referred as a Mother Durga, who has this soft side for her children. Not just children but also for the oppressed and the weak.

And every woman is a tigress when it comes to protecting her children from the entire world.

The love for her children gives her the strength to fight.

We also see Mother Goddess's hand holding the sword but not the hand that is blessing us.

The hand holding the sword is for bad people.

The hand that is blessing us is for good people.

What's even more beautiful or the most beautiful for me is that she is a warrior and feminine at the same time.

She is wearing red and gold jewellery to display femininity as a strength.

This is something women also need to understand because even women begin to view femininity as a sign of weakness due to inferiority complex and that's always sad. We should embrace our femininity and celebrate our femininity. It is a strength not a weakness.

But many women began shaving their heads to fight against patriarchal beauty standards because they began viewing their own femininity as a sign and as a result, wanted to look like men by saving their heads.

It's almost as if they are ashamed of being born in female bodies. I don't have to shave my head to prove I am strong. I can have long hair and still be strong, which was supposed to be common sense but it feels insane to know somebody had to say this in an era of education.

even women begin to view femininity as a sign of weakness due to inferiority complex

I don't need to shave my head to prove I am strong. I can have long hair and still be strong.

Keep celebrating every daughter, sister and mother in this world every single day not just on International Women's Independence Day. We need women. They are the beauty of this world. Our society needs daughters, sisters and mothers, who should be celebrated and not taken for granted like a piece of furniture left in the corner. Women aren't a burden because imagine a world without women- a world without a mother, sister, wife and daughter.

The world will have a revolution when people will celebrate having a daughter the same way they celebrate having a son.

If lotus flower had a human form, it'd be a daughter.

And if god had a human form, it'd be a mother.

Lotus flower symbolism

Thank you for reading and share the beautiful message before it's too late. The world is already full of hatred, don't lose peaceful and loving people by neglecting them or by taking them for granted.

Lotus flower symbolism
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  • Jjpayne
    This is such a beautiful my take and a reminder of the struggles that women have. Thank you for sharing it with us!
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    • Shezadi

      Not being proud but it has to be my BEST article YET! Thank you! But it's a shame it didn't get promoted!

    • Jjpayne

      I would have promoted it myself! It is promote worthy! And thank you for mho!
      Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Bshu2jdbxb
    Wow lines 😊😊😊 impressive
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  • TruthBringer
    No matter what religion you are following, it's still important to learn from other faiths and beliefs. There are many similarities, but also many contradictions. It's still good to know what others believe other than yourself. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest flaws in humanity and is the cause of a lot of division, hate and wars.
    I may not agree with everything you said, especially the part where if God would have a face, it would be a female, it's still nice to read someone else's perspectives. Especially since I myself, like many others consider modern feminism a cancer in the world.
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    • Shezadi

      Best comment. I am a traditional feminist in the west and a liberal feminist in Asia not because I am double faced but simply because I feel everyone needs to see other side of the coin just to explore even if they disagree. I come from 3 different countries that's why I am open to new perspectives.

  • Snowman666
    I have a house on lotus lake near udon thani thailand. Miles of lotus flowers.
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    • Shezadi

      You have to kidding me

    • no very serious that is where my wifes family is from. just look up red lotus sea. There is an amazing serpant temple on an island in the center of it.