How to identify a false prophet according to Jesus

How to identify a false prophet according to Jesus

Jesus gave us five ways to identify a false prophet

1. They serve God for personal gain and not for heavenly rewards

They might be prophesying to get financial compensation or playing church to get service from others such as rides home from social events. I used to know a guy who would drive to far away cities for bible study and charge $75 for gas when he spent less than $20 on it.

2. Their motives for mixing with God’s people are unspiritual and exploitive

They might be serving God because they are uneducated and they want respect or because they are ugly and want to find a husband or wife or because they want people to give them free meals or friendship when they are jobless and doing nothing with their lives

3. Their desires are not God’s desires

They serve God to be rewarded with financial gifts like big mansions or sexual favours in beautiful romantic partners or social favours like respect and honour at church. They get no happiness from helping the needy or brightening somebody’s day or offering encouragement and support to somebody else but only from profiting materially and romantically.

4. They are competitive and not supportive

Jesus taught that true leadership is a curse because you are always on the front lines and the first to get hit when the battle strikes. He said those who benefit socially and financially from leadership are false guides and not real kingdom helpers.

5. They lack respect

They have not qualms about starting drama or violating another’s effort and sacrifice. They will gossip about sports athletes or check their cell phones in the middle of a church service. They wear tacky clothes to church cause they don’t respect the children congregation. They think it’s okay to say or think bad things about other people and don’t care whether or not it’s true. They are not loyal to their friends when it requires a personal sacrifice on their part. Neither do they honour and support their pastor.

How to identify a false prophet according to Jesus
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