What I realized today about my love life through Christianity

What I realized today about my love life through Christianity

I had an anxiety disorder when I was young and when I was 20 after 11 years of difficulty I entered a covenant of peace with God and became a relaxed person who trusted in God and never doubted that God existed

And as I learned to trust in God, God began to take care of me and provide for me.

I remember one time I was thirsty and did not have money to buy water and there were no public fountains near by since I was in a medical area and a lot of hospitals hide their fountains to prevent the spreading of contagious diseases through collective drinking

And before I got really thirsty, I ran into my doctor at the doctors office - and he was carrying a 24 case pack of water bottles that he stocked in his private fridge to drink during work

I asked him for a water bottle and he gave me one

Another time I had credit cards but no cash and the dining area was a cash only based premise so I could not buy the lunch I wanted

And immediately a guy who was interested in me offered to buy me lunch without me communicating to him in any way that I had no money but wanted to buy food

This type of thing happened - whenever I needed or wanted something small or necessary God would provide for me

So I’ve concluded that if God has kept me away from the guy I like it might be because what I want is not good for me

Maybe one of us will get sick or maybe God does not want me to marry until I get a masters degree or until I inherit property so that I can have the resources to support a marriage or maybe God wants to shape my values more so that I can be a better wife and mother

I’ve concluded if I’m separated from the guy I like - that it must be Gods temporary or permanent will

So I’m entrusting my desired relationship to God

And letting God give me what He intends

When He thinks the timing is good

And when the right person is here

What I realized today about my love life through Christianity
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  • I love that. I remember I was homeless sleeping under bridges or near abandoned stores. I walked 20 miles up the highway in Mississippi, my feet gave out on me, I was thirsty and hungry. a beautiful mangave me a ride to the nearest corner store and bought me a soda. I sat down and then a brother bought me food (you wouldn't expect him to buy you anything). I forgot it was my birthday. Long story short I wounded up in a hotel this was June 7, 2017.

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  • Jjpayne

    I totally agree, God has a way of helping us guide our paths at times. One person had a dream that the partner they were supposed to marry would pull off their promise ring and they did! So God sometimes can even bring the one we are looking for right to you and help you guide to the right one.

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  • lightbulb27

    I've known christian women who think like that and some got married later in life, some did not. I think healing of internal wounds, being available, dating skills are reality. a lot can look like it's not gods will when it is our own limitations imposed. there are very christian guys out there who want a woman but can't find.

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  • 20yearsolder

    You can believe in whatever you want to believe in, I have no problem with that. But I say that you follow your heart and go after that guy. You will always wondered what could have happened

  • coolhandroo

    If that water bottle and free lunch are the best you can do to prove that god cares about you then what low bar you have set for yourself. You deserve better. Go find your guy

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  • zagor

    As long as you are OK with never having a family. Because that may be what God wants for you.

  • OddBeMe

    How can you entrust something to a non-existent being?

  • CalmYourTits

    I also am finding my faith.

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  • Anonymous

    It's funny i used to think the same thing. That God wanted me to grow in my faith before meeting someone. And maybe that's true to an extent. But your partner should be righteous and your bond should reinforce your faith not question it.
    Having read your posts on relationships my biggest concern for you is it seems like you have trust issues. I'd say it's more likely if God is protecting you, he's protecting you from yourself.