What I think of love as a Christian

What I think of love as a Christian

I think a lot of times, when a relationship is God’s will - it will often not make sense to outsiders

I remember as an 18 year old I was madly in love with an older man who rejected me

Both the guy I liked and his best friend thought I must be mentally ill to be so hopelessly obsessed with an average or ugly guy

But they didn’t know I viewed this guy as the only expression of God’s love that I had ever encountered through a human being

That everybody else was so biased in their love for me that I never felt genuine affection from them

I remember I once had a PhD student who liked me and people could not figure out why

Some thought I was lying when I said he liked me

But what they didn’t know was how funny my jokes were - I could have made millions a week as a comedian - I was funnier than all the comedians in North America combined

And I remember nobody could figure out why I tried so hard to date a disabled guy

But they did not know the supernatural joy I felt in my soul whenever I was around him

As if I was witnessing the glory of Jesus when God was walking the earthly and performing miracles

Like can anybody explain why Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin?

Or why her mom rejected Leonardo Dicaprio and chose a poor middle class guy instead?

The will of God has its own spiritual logic which often times does not make sense to outsiders

What I think of love as a Christian
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  • Jjpayne

    Thanks for telling us your thoughts on love :)

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  • Joker_

    This is what you think of love as a Christian

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    My thoughts on live as a Christian is that Christ loves me even though i am not perfect so that i can also love others even though they are not perfect.

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  • Pulseofsulfur

    Ok I don't think that you'd funnier than all North American comedians combined. I watch comedians on YT and I don't think that you could have that edge compared to other comedians who got 40 years under their belt.

  • bannacookies

    This is why I began to question christianity. Its too much secret stuff & doesn't make sense. How can you believe that & how does it really make sense for you? I just don't get it.

  • The_FallenOne

    ... ok weirdo

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    This post is STRAIGHT CLUTCH, FAM