What I learned today as a Christian

What I learned today as a Christian

Jesus said you would know a tree by its fruit

God gives his children gifts

I know severely retarded woman who are able to write creative fiction exceeding the quality of Shakespeare or Maya Angelou

I know disabled woman who are able to compose music that is better than Brian Adams or Beethoven

I also know guys who got high 97s at the best school in the country that worked at Burger King after graduation

And I know guys with PhDs who work as fund raisers for humanitarian organizations cause they can’t find jobs

What I’m trying to say is that if you are in Gods kingdom God, God will give you a skill that you can exploit to better yourself and the world at large - even if your severely retarded or morbidly obese or in a wheel chair

And if you are outside Gods kingdom you could have an iq of 150 or higher and not be able to find work

God gives gifts not to some of his children but to all of his children

What I learned today as a Christian
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