What I learned today as a Christian

What I learned today as a Christian

Jesus said you would know a tree by its fruit

God gives his children gifts

I know severely retarded woman who are able to write creative fiction exceeding the quality of Shakespeare or Maya Angelou

I know disabled woman who are able to compose music that is better than Brian Adams or Beethoven

I also know guys who got high 97s at the best school in the country that worked at Burger King after graduation

And I know guys with PhDs who work as fund raisers for humanitarian organizations cause they can’t find jobs

What I’m trying to say is that if you are in Gods kingdom God, God will give you a skill that you can exploit to better yourself and the world at large - even if your severely retarded or morbidly obese or in a wheel chair

And if you are outside Gods kingdom you could have an iq of 150 or higher and not be able to find work

God gives gifts not to some of his children but to all of his children

What I learned today as a Christian
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    huh... Q - Q i sure hope so... but i wanna at least almost confirm this... cuz when i was just unemployed... almost as soon as i started looking for a job, i found a position that suited my experience level IN MY CAREER FIELD... i applied to it and got hired at the interview... ONE AND DONE... q u q now i work happy and make more money than i did at the farm
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  • honestB12
    Your point of view is your point of view. this scripture and its proper context has a different message. He is speaking about how to identify friend or foe. If you meet a stranger and you don't know if they are good or evil the nature of their being can only hide so long and by what they produce you will know them a foul mouth lying tongue someone who stabs neighbors in the back probably not someone who will help you or be kind to you. But most importantly you now know you could be a help to them some are not as "helpable" as others some you help by simply being the best Christian you can be walk the walk talk the talk. I will give a example as a seasoned Christian myself I see the fruit of your post I assume the scripture you speak of came from a niv or esv amplified version of the Bible or maybe a book or devotional as a Christian it's my duty to give you the Gospel and let the seed grow. You don't need any book to interrupt the Bible or another man's opinion find a Kjv Bible and seek ye the old paths and walk therein God bless and keep sharing your fruit.
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  • Zealashton
    https://www.facebook.com/brotherk.bloodstainedman start restoring it, and suport this group, and fuck religon, it difiles mother natures gifts techniqually your not allowed to do MGM as a cathlic, for you forsack jesus sacrifise, . and make his death meaning less. but hey the pope dose not care, he only cares about little timmy locked in his cathidral
  • genericname85
    "And if you are outside Gods kingdom you could have an iq of 150 or higher and not be able to find work"

    how do you reconcile this with the fact, that the vast majority of established phd level or high educated professionals are atheists?
  • JackSmy
    Why, suddenly, so much "Christian" rhetoric?
    What about those that do not "Believe"? Are they truly Damned?
    What about the BILLIONS, that follow other Ways?
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    • Feelicks

      I've met Hindus that are better Christians than this lady.

    • JackSmy

      @Feelicks It is not for me, to 'judge;' her, and her beliefs. I have friends that are from most major 'religions', and I even dated a "Witch" in college!! They are not always what they express, with their beliefs, and dogma. Yes, I know, but I am TRYING TO BE POSITIVE, LOVING, and ACCEPTING!! :)

  • Yaaten
    Yeah, I don't believe you're on the right track here. God doesn't care about us as individuals, He's got so many other things to worry about (like maintaining the universe, keeping rebellious angels in check, and so on).
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    • Where do you get your information from?

    • Yaaten

      @WalkingWithChrist From common sense. This person seems to think that the ruler of the universe actually cares about what kind of career we might have. I mean... seriously?

    • Thats not a credible source lol. Id try reading the bible if I were you. You know.. the book that the “ruler of the universe” created for us.

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  • Swe_Elin
    I got a PhD in psychology, and I work as an escort... Not because I can't find any jobs, I have a lot of offers on the table - but because that's what I want to do with my life, what I enjoy for myself.

    If you think that trust in a God makes you a better human being with spiritual actions making you get a job, and those who don't believe in god fail, you are straight up wrong. In general, people with high IQ is more like to be atheists (and so am I) and have high ranking jobs, and that's not the work of a God.

    I don't know a single sole that is atheist and don't have a job, however I do know several religious believers that can't hold on to a job because their religious believers come in the way of their work duties. With that said, I respect all - religious or atheist.
    • J2ohhhhh

      She didn't say that God will help you to do better than the overal population, but that you can find your own best. What is kinda true. Evolutionary speaking, christians are kicking your atheist ass. They have higher fertility rate, better mental health, lower suicide rate and higher life expectancy. And all these on less resources.

    • Swe_Elin

      Actually she did state that without god you would not be able to fund work, and that's false. And I agree with you that to believe in something can make you get a good self esteem.

      The rest of it is basically just not true - religion believes don't affect genetics or generate a better way of life.

      Basic biology will not change just because you can't handle facts and can't accept the evidence of human evolution.

      Evolutionary speaking, christians are a group of people trying to, historically with deadly force, make all other obey to their beliefs of a non existing force.

      Religion is a psychologically generated structure in a non existing force, it's made up by the brains of some individuals seeking for a answer they can't find, and to nothing can be proved by evidence.

      I have to say, to this - when I did my PhD and pre-worked in the field of psychology (including mental health), it was not atheist that had the problems, but all these religious people that had major conflicts regarding to their beliefs.

      In general, I really feel sorry for all that believes in a god, because it's a mental state that's constructed by the human brain in lack of evidence to handle their thoughts.

    • J2ohhhhh

      She used the word could it isn't a full out statement just a possibility.

      Avg American atheist woman has 1.6 child. Avg Christian woman 2.3.

      Christians live average 4.1 years longer, not because they got extra years from God in the form of four random years, but they less likely to smoke or do harmful stuff to themselves.

      According to bible if you commit suicide you go to hell, no wonder suicide rates are lower.

      It is harder to explain why they have better mental health, can explain if necessary or just trust me that I don't speak random bs.

      And at the same time they have lower average IQ and make less money. This is what I call blessed ignorance.

  • Feelicks
    Has it occurred to you that God's kingdom applies to all creation and isn't just a club that exists so that you can elevate yourself above others. Your posts are maximum cringe.
  • Cat_Frank

    1) We no longer call the mentally disabled "retards". The modern use of the word implies stupidity but the mentally disabled aren't stupid, they have a chemical imbalance on an area of the body that is extremely sensitive. Or an injury or something else that means the messages don't get through properly.

    2) is an amputee somehow unable to compose music? A deaf person unable to draw or paint? "Disability" takes in a large range of ailments.

    I thought that as a Christian you were supposed to be kind and understanding
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  • specialdusty
    Christ was fiction. there is no evidence. in a world of lies. i feel god. She's a woman
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    • Plato, Aristotle and Alexander the Great were fiction and never existed.

      How easy it is to deny the existence of any historical figure? Very easy.

      You cannot prove the 3 figures above existed either so you pretty much have no argument there. Christ existed, exists and will always exist.

    • @Psychoanalytical we have way more proof for Plato, Aristotle, and ESPECIALLY Alexander, you really can't make this comparison. Alexander had so many people write about him and his actions that we can easily be certain about his existence, Plato and Aristotle both had writings of their own, and then they sent letters to other philosophers they knew, they debated through letters and wrote theories about how the world worked, through the philosophers at the time we have a lot of evidence that Plato and Aristotle existed. To be clear, having things supposedly written by the person is decent evdnce but when you find multiple documents from different people all talking about this person and their opinions of them, for example Diogenes the cynic wrote about how he once plucked all the feathers from a chicken in order to play a prank on Plato. Of course we also have writing from Plato which helps confirm the existence of Aristotle because they were relatively close. Okay, now that I've wasted a bunch of time and probably confused you, I want you to find me one piece of writing that talks about Jesus, but it can't be from the bible. If we have only one piece of evidence for his existence then it's more likely he didn't exist, because he would have had an impact on people and they most likely would have wrote about him.

      No, how easy it is to deny the existence depends on how much evidence is avaiable and whether or not you're actually looking at the evidence. For example you looked at 0 evidence for Plato and Aristotle so you assumed it would be easy to deny their existence, but there is a LOT of evidence you would need to either deny or ignore. Denying Jesus on the other hand, is easy, because the only evidence for him is the bible saying there were eyewitnesses.

    • Historians have already proven that Aristotle, Plato, and Alexander all existed, we have so much contemporary evidence for them that it would be ridicuous to suggest otherwise. These were educated and popular men who wrote to a lot of people and wrote a lot of things just for their own enjoyment. We have so many writings from them and about them that there is no way to make this comparison.

      by the way I am a greek history nerd, this is my favorite time period to explore historically. Socrates, Diogenes, Plato, Aristotle, these men are my heroes, I look up to them probably more than any living person.

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  • devilman666
    Wtf kind of retarded take is this?
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    • Also you know beethoven was disabled, right? In the later parts of his life he went deaf and kept producing music.

    • Yea and I know people who produce better music than him

    • No, you don't. I call some hardcore bullshit on all that. Also are you comparing "retarded" (nice to see that you dont understand mental illness) women to monkeys? Cause I know there is a saying about a monkey who hits a keyboard an infinite amount of times will eventually produce shakespeare, there is a whole weird theorem about it.

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  • Twenty2
    Lmfao 😂🤣 you should be a stand up comedian.
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