Why Older People Sometimes Have Difficulty Serving God

Why Older People Sometimes Have Difficulty Serving God

I find that older people tend to be more judgmental than younger people.

A new Christian will express their religion by looking for ways to improve themselves.

While a jaded and close minded Christian who try to express their religion by judging and criticizing others and many will condemn and judge those who socially obscure them because they view this affront to their reputation as a threat to their livelihood, romantic opportunities and job connections.

The ancient Egyptians believed in a feather test for dead kings. The only way a king could go to heaven after he died was it his soul was lighter than a feather

So if you were going to draw your identity or self conception, how heavy would it be?

Would your ego look like King Kong or would it like look like a baby lamb?

How do you view yourself and how do you treat those who insult or dislike you?

Do you smile and ignore them and try to be kind or do you pronounce curses over them and try to ruin their lives?

Why Older People Sometimes Have Difficulty Serving God
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  • Jjpayne

    I think they feel the weight of Gods judgement. As you age you start to think of what God will say when you see him. When you are young, you have time, time to be stupid, time to get your relationship right with God later. When you close, it makes you think about many things and you start to get nervous for yourself and for other people. You are getting ready meeting God and judgement face to face so you start look at yourself and others with a magnifying glass. Trying to help them and yourself. There is more urgency. But they forgot what it was like to be younger

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  • ZackBan

    6th century B. C.

    That is when God first spoke to Abraham and triggered the chain of events told in the books, be it the old testament, the new testament, and even the Coran.

    But civilization is a lot older than that. Those are some 2600

    30th century B. C

    That was 5 thousand years ago. Men were worshiping the Olympian gods, zeus the god lighting brother of Hades and Poseidon father of too many to name. That was 2400 years before God made his debut.

    If you can tell me what he was doing for 2400 YEARS while people were offering human sacrifices to false gods and the "one true god" didn't lift a finger to guid and enlighten them then maybe I would consider "serving" him again.

  • dragoblack

    Because he is a fictitious being whose religions and followers have caused massive suffering, hatred, torture, and destruction in their wake all throughout history while the book of teachings keeps being rewritten to manipulate the sheeple populace (current bible is the king James bible that was made to manipulate the people into ostracizing, torturing, and stoning the pagans who would not convert or follow his rule. The united states version has many mistranslations when translated from the Germanic version. A great example is "thou shall not lay with man as he would with woman" which originally was "thou shall not lay with child as one would with woman")

  • Anonymous

    I find that older people tend to be wise and less naïve than younger people.

  • Anonymous

    I'm 23 but im just like them, god is for crack heads. Atheism all the wayyyy

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