How to serve a better God - according to God

How to serve a better God - according to God

Lately, I’ve been reading a library book where the author talks repeatedly about how God pursues and woos him and I realized that not everybody has that experience, not everyone views God as the sweet man in the clouds who is eager to give you pink teddy bears every time you cry, some of them view God as a slave driver who will torture them if they fail to meet the standard of perfection they think they have to, so what is a secret to finding a sweet and gracious God?

The bible says blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. When you avoid feeding your ego and greed and treat others with kindness, God shows you his sweet loving face, and when you mock the poor and hurt those who are helpless, God shows you his slave driver face, so if you want God to be your merciful teddy bear buyer, you have to be merciful towards others.

I know very religious people who believe God is a slave driver because they never showed mercy towards others, so God never showed mercy to them, then because they did not receive mercy, they continue to withhold it from others, the only time God will condemn you for not being perfect is if you expect everyone around you to be perfect, by forgiving others, God forgives you, by being merciful towards others, God becomes your loving teddy bear dispenser and not your angry slave driver.

How to serve a better God - according to God
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  • Davidhk
    Care about other people, like your familiy and friends, be a good person.
    Be respectful, that's what god wants us to be,
    Good people.
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  • Iknowbestgirls
    What if you follow a different religion? Doesn't the Christian god only care about those that follow his faith?