Why the bible says you should not add insult to injury

Why the bible says you should not add insult to injury

The bible says you shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk, and the way I interpret that verse is, you should not add insult to injury, meaning when somebody falls down, you don’t stomp on their knees so that they can’t get back up. It’s just like what the Jewish leaders say that even criminals deserve a certain degree of mercy and what the Christian media has taught that the punishment should fit the crime.

I remember emailing a pastor who made over $60,000 a year with a question I had, I said I did not know how to stop judging people and holding grudges and I wanted help to stop doing it, instead of helping me, he ignored my email address and kicked me out of his bible study and later when I dated a guy in his bible study, he told the guy I was a bad person and did not deserve his respect or consideration and that he should ghost me and refuse to acknowledge my existence. I was clinically depressed for months from being ghosted but a guy who refused to acknowledge my existence.

I know the pastor who did this will go to hell after he dies because he gets paid $60,000 a year to do something 80% of Christians do for free, and he still refuses to do his job properly despite his added financial bonus and luxurious job since sitting in a chair and reading bible verses is far easier than the stand up jobs most hard working tax payers do.

However, the bible says do not add insult to injury, meaning don’t curse him, delight in his misery, or add to the punishment that God had imposed on him, or seek to enforce God’s wrath if God decides to forgive him or reduce or delay his punishment, know he is guilty and in danger, but do not delight in his guilt or endangerment.

That is how I understand the verse of not adding insult to injury, do not try to add ammunition to God’s wrath, let God punish and forgive as he sees fit and accept that He is wiser and more just than you, and knows more than you do both about the situation and the merits and hidden suffering of the person who has wronged you.

Why the bible says you should not add insult to injury
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