Dangerous Behaviours the Bible Warns Against

Dangerous Behaviours the Bible Warns Against

The bible says he who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbled himself will be exalted and many formerly rich people have ruined their lives by ignoring this principle.

My cousin’s ex husband was raised by a harsh disciplinarian who made him walk 3 miles up a hill when he was 10 years old to teach him the importance of sacrifice and hard work. He became a rich and successful Wall Street banker, unsurprising, when you consider how hard his parents worked him when he was a child.

But after he became rich, he started behaving like a snob and would mock and humiliate poor people thinking he was superior to them, he ended up divorcing my cousin after 8 years of marriage and losing his Wall Street job due to market changes in the post CoVid economy.

My cousin also lost respect for poor people after becoming rich and now she’s lost her multi million dollar job and works as a tutoring business owner and she is infertile and only able to find boyfriends that are divorced and bad tempered due to her lying and bad tempered ways. She was once the queen of the world with dozens of guys chasing her every month and now she can’t find a date and looks unusually old from the stress of her S Wall Street job.

My other cousin was also a snob and recently got a divorce and has to move out of her home since her husband paid the majority of the down payment and now her parents have moved in to take care of her kids and she has to support 5 people with one pay cheque since her parents can’t speak English and have health issues and are not able to find work in North America.

I also know a girl who is constantly showing off and every time I talk to her, she has a new problem she is dealing with. She never made the connection that her problems are caused by her constant bragging and if somebody told her, she would not believe them.

Dangerous Behaviours the Bible Warns Against
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  • TheBigGuy9
    Many many people lose themselves when they become rich.
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  • Waldoe
    it is true... "You get, what you give"
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  • MLGbreezy
    I'm not gonna follow a book that was supposedly written by someone that's been altered by humanity for decades I know for sure selfishness of humanity and there thought process has made it into some forms of the bible. So you not even really reading it as original intended just as intended as the author of the current version of the book intends you too
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  • captain_voidwalker
    I've always found that balance is the best and when you swing to much on either direction it causes problems. Humble yourself to much and people walk all over you, exalt yourself to much and people will hate you. It works for other things as well. For instance a small amount of lust is healthy, and is probably what will help you find a mate. Too much lust though and you become abusive and push potential mates away.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yes, God warns us in the Bible but this one guy I knew once said something that the guy who wrote the Bible was not good well of course he was talking like a man with a paper backside I believe everything in the Bible is coming true and I believe God is testing us with this COVID virus but God doesn't want us all to be dead he loves us but look how many people have truly turned their back on God and he is sad, upset cause he wants to feel loved from the people he has made, some are turning to street drugs waste their money on them and cigarettes, yes the list goes on I love my God and my Lord who was sent to die for my sins
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  • collie22
    here's one, receiving i'll gotten gains
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  • MrSmithee