What we can learn about the poor widow and her offering

What we can learn about the poor widow and her offering

The poor widow giving her small donation here

In one biblical story, Jesus was at the temple with his disciples and a bunch of rich rulers and pharisees were giving large donations to the temple while a very poor widow gave two small copper coins worth less than a penny, and Jesus told his disciples, the widow gave far more than the rich pharisees and rulers, because they gave out of their wealth, while the poor widow gave out of her poverty.

So based on this verse, I think it’s fair to say that God rewards efforts just as well as He rewards success and talent, and often those with talent but no humility or work ethic, end of self-destructing later on, either due to bad habits, bad people, bad accents or bad health, I’ve seen it happen before.

While God still care about character and purity and holiness, He also cares about your effort and willingness to do good. And a person who tries hard with meagre or non-existent results, will be rewarded for the energy they expended into the work they put it.

Jacob and the psalmist both at one point said, that had it not been for God, they would have had absolutely nothing to show for their hard work, because their enemy would have withheld their reward, and robbed them of all the assets that they were due. So in the end, it is God who repays his servants, and not the people you serve at work or at home.

What we can learn about the poor widow and her offering
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  • Titanic1912
    All I know is that she gave more than any of the others combined because she gave all she had. It just shows how much faith she had in God.
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  • alance99
    Very well written
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  • loves2learn
    I always enjoyed this parable. As proportionate giving is key. A small gift from someone who has very little can be so much more meaningful than a large gift from someone who has much.
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