Two benefits of hardship and poverty - bible talk

Two benefits of hardship and poverty - bible talk

I notice a repeating pattern among my more successful and good looking Christians which is that the more benefits they have in life, the more likely they are to doubt the things I say about my faith in God. Now all Christians believe in God, but there are different degrees of Faith and different degrees of trust, and my experience has shown me, that the more successful believers are usually the bigger skeptics. I also feel my worship and emotional connection to God was stronger when my life was harder, I still have normal struggles like other people, but now that my pain has diminished, so has my capacity to appreciate and thank God and also so has my love and compassion for others, a lot of the Christian skeptics I knew were kind and considerate and caring, but because they had easy lives due to superior genes and intelligence, their capacity for faith was not the same as mine, they often accused me of lying when I suggested ideas that were beyond their life experience or too involved for them to understand.

Two benefits of hardship and poverty - bible talk
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  • ohshee
    What girl or guy would you rather date or be in a predicament with
    First. The rich girl or guyThey both were given new cars when they want something they can ask for it. When they go to a restaurant. They go to the best restaurants. They can take hot showers everyday. At night time always have power to turn on light, watch TV cook. There Bill's are paid on time. Except for when their parents forget to pay them. Can always drive their cars because they're registered and insured. Basically anything they want they can have.
    Second. Poor guy and girlIf they had a car they got it by somebody giving it to them. But it was broken so they had to fix it. They never have been to a restaurant or out to dinner. Because it cost too much and there are times where they haven't eaten for a couple days. sometimes they couldn't take a shower for two or three days because they had no hot water or wash clothes. There are times where the power has gone out and there's no electricity. They really don't have too many bills because they don't extend themselves.
    For me I'm going to take the poor girl every time because she knows what it's like not to have. She knows what it's like to struggle she has felt the pain she has felt the desire to want and to dream. she knows how to make it through everything or anything with patience. She's a fighter there is no giving up with inside of her at all. S h e has felt pain. And knows what it's like to want something and not get it . If the world was to change drastically that's who I would want in my corner. That's who I want by my side. Because she has felt what it feels like to have to survive to live
    The rich girl and guy. That has have everything handed to them. . The odds of them making it is 50/50 . They would have to change everything about them in a heartbeatIt doesn't matter what denomination you are it doesn't matter what you believe in the only thing that matters who you are within you can believe in anything you want to. but you better believe in yourself first do you know what it's like to struggle and want. Then you know what it's like to feel and to give when you have nothing except for everything you have learned and, have been challenged with because there is nothing you cannot do that is what that means to me and when you have nothing to give. Then give of yourselfre-state://background_color_rgba (0, 0, 0, 0), font_color_rgb (77, 77, 77), justifyLeft, p
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    • ohshee

      State background. bla bla bla. Not sure what that is when I with this I put it in the Wow Girls post and it wouldn't let me send it cuz it was too long so I had to copy and paste but I'm sure it means something

  • Massageman
    You must have read Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ"!
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  • DJB72
    You should read Exodus to Deuteronomy again. Hardship and poverty are basically the description of the curses for disobedience.

    I don't see either as beneficial. My sickness, near death and loss of my right leg last year was not a benefit. God can and will use it for good, but it was definitely not a blessing in and of itself.
  • cth96190
    That way of thinking is one of the reasons why Catholic nations are dominated by poverty and misery.
    The Protestant view is different, which was why Protestant nations were much more successful.
    Being wealthy did not prevent Saul of Tarsus being a man of great faith.
    Even as a Jew, Saul was passionate for God.
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  • legalboxers
    doesn't it make you stronger..
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