Proof Mercy Leads to Mercy

Proof Mercy Leads to Mercy

The Bible says, that blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy and proverbs says a cruel man does himself harm. I can think of examples of both.

As a young Christian, I felt deep sympathy for those who suffered and within 6 years, my tribulations ended.

A guy I knew who judged me for my emotional weakness and mental frailty and refused to let me receive prayer from his prayer group when I was suffering, has been going through tribulations for over 18 years, and while I do not need people to pray for me because I do not have problems, he constantly needs people to pray for him, because his problems are so many.

I tried to share my understanding of God with others and now my faith is easy because I see God’s mercy while he refused to share his knowledge of the bible with weak believers and 18 years later, he’s just as ignorant about the meaning of scripture and religion as he was 18 years ago.

I was willing to acknowledge I sinned and humble myself and God shows me all the time things I can do to improve myself while he is still righteous in his own eyes and just as ignorant about his flaws now as he was 18 years ago.

He used to tell me your progress in life is determined by how you treat others.

He has money and a beautiful wife, but he’s destined to go to hell after he dies, because in his striving, he forgot the mercy of God, of the son and of the Spirit.

Proof Mercy Leads to Mercy
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  • Anonymous
    I am curious how someone refused to allow you to receive prayer when it’s a command from Jesus to pray for your enemies 🤔 I can’t imagine seeing something like that happen in a prayer group.
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    • He was the president of an Intercessory prayer group and would not let me join because he thought my life was easier than his and did not want to make it even easier

    • Anonymous

      Whoa. That’s messed up. Although I’ve noticed that there are more bad churches or groups than good ones.

    • Well I think, you can ignore bad people and focus on the good, or ignore the good people and focus on the bad, like one pastor from a church I visited a few years ago has a lot of ideas I do not agree with but we have very good respect for each other cause we focus on the things we agree on and not the things we disagree on, also he chooses people over ideas so even though his views can be strange, he’s socially harmless

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  • emperor90
    Its true if u have mercy then more likely people will give u mercy
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