When God Marries Education

When God Marries Education

When I was in university, the people I met were almost always incredible and amazing, In my whole time there, I only met three people I did not like and one person that was racist.

When I left school, I met racist people around twice a week and liked less than 10% of the people I talked to and I wanted to figure that out:

Why is it, that in university, people are smart and kind and respectful and good looking and successful and compassionate and funny and caring?

And why is it, that out in the real world, people are dumb and mean and disrespectful and ugly and self destructive and cruel and boring and unpleasant?

Like why would one person have 80 good qualities while another has 0 good qualities?

And I thought of how God said the humble will be exalted and the proud would be humbled. The same humility that makes you thrive in academics and in life is the same humility that bonds you to the love and righteousness of God. It’s also why Asians are so successful, cause Asian culture stresses the idea of putting other people above yourself.

When God Marries Education
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  • integrale77
    People in education are there because they want to learn about what they are there for.

    Outside of education is the real world full of people who probably have a wasted education in a job they don't like in a place they don't want to be.

    Get used to it that's life you just have to find a few pockets of happyness where you meet people with similar interests.
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  • sean1234
    The funny thing is that all those people you said were bad after college probably went to college themselves and were most likely just as good as the ones you knew.

    -The most evil people on the planet act the nicest and most normal, otherwise people wouldn't be soo fooled in who they think they elected. 😏
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  • Redstang88
    Because it’s all a facade. Academia is full of two faced con artists trying to ass kiss and undermine their way to the top on student loans or their parents tab.
    People don’t have time for that shit in reality
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  • emperor90
    Good on him
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