My take on the nature of salvation and the nature of God

My take on the nature of salvation and the nature of God

This is an old painting of a man touching God and His angels

The love God has for us is different from a Care Bears or Tele tubby cartoon. It is a love built on blood and sweat and tears and days or nights of anxiety and pain and fear.

But it is also a love built on insurmountable good well and health and joy and celebration.

The suffering isn’t the end goal or even the process but the initial birth pain that prepares you for the praise and glory to come.

This is why I think negative thinkers are morally perverse.

God wants you to serve Him not out of self hatred but out of self love.

Humility is not about hating yourself by about experiencing the higher good with a sombreness that’s both magnetizes you and elevating you.

Being a Christian is not about avoiding sin - rather it’s about embracing good will and good conduct and upright behaviour.

Christianity is supposed to be a source of happiness and delight knowing your accessing an infinite supply of love and affection from an all powerful being.

It is not a source of depression and disappointment as we deal with our finite minds.

If your parents throw you a birthday party, they want you to smile and say thank you and take pictures so you can remember the amazing event.

Not get angry at them for wasting their money on you when they could have spent it on themselves.

Not only do negative thinkers hurt themselves - they also hurt God and the people around them.

Your reason for working is not work but money or status or experience.

So religious sacrifice is performed to obtain religious gain - not so you can ostentatiously display your piety to the world and find even more excuse to hate it.

Negative thinkers are disgusting and morally perverse - they are not doing God’s will.

They are no different from socially abusive hedonists who create female abusing porno images in their social and moral relevance to God and to society.

My take on the nature of salvation and the nature of God
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