What mental health professionals get wrong about loneliness

What mental health professionals get wrong about loneliness

The bible says it is better to give then to receive and that the leech has two daughters, “give, give,” they cry.

During the pandemic I went around 2 years without talking about my feelings because there was no one to listen and during that time my loneliness went from 40% to 0%

When I found new friends and began to discuss my feelings with people again, my loneliness went from 0% to 20% and I realized that my loneliness was caused by having friends and not by not having friends.

What I mean by that is, the path out of loneliness is gifts and service for others, even if it is never returned. When you demand and seek gifts and service from others, you will always be lonely, and this is true no matter how kind, or selfless or loving your friends are.

I’ve always been lonelier with friends then I was without them.

What mental health professionals get wrong about loneliness
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  • captain_voidwalker
    Bieng alone dosent mean your lonely. I spend probably 90% of my non work hours by myself. And that suits me just fine
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  • kamalravi25
    Yes you are right having expectations can make you feel that you are not special if its not fulfilled.
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  • adidas0169
    You could all the friends in the world doesn't mean you aren't lonely, bc you could give them everything that you can but they can be completely selfish and greedy. to many people in this world now adays dont care how you feel or that you need to talk to someone bc you are taking away there time but when they need something they go to great lengths to find you.
  • CheeseMonster
    That doesn't sound right. But I don't know enough about having friends to dispute it.
  • Waldoe
    all I can think to say is "God Bless You" chase your bliss...
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  • OddBeMe
    Funny that Bible says to give. But churches just receive.
  • emperor90
    I feel this to i think giving is better
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  • itsgonnabemee
    I feel like this too
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