What God has been teaching me about romance

What God has been teaching me about romance

Lately, God has been telling me to avoid men that do not have a history of abstinence in their romantic endeavours, not just towards men, but towards their previous partners too. Hailey Bieber married Justin who did not have a history of holiness but I would reject any guy like that because of the history he had before I met him, because the history matters, even if God forgives sins.

What God has been teaching me about romance
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  • janerobinson
    Totally understandable, but what about if that was before they became a Christian and were born again? We’ve all sinned and all have a history of messing up but when we come to God we get a second chance and are a new creation. So yes, obviously in the past they may have done things but what if they’ve remained abstinent since coming to Christ? Don’t you think they deserve a second chance like you do?
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    • I’ve been abstinent all my life and do not need a second chance.

    • collie22

      i get that

    • You may have been abstinent your whole life but everyone has sinned. Like I’m sure you’ve lied or have put your own desires (material things like money) before God’s desires and yet He has given you a second chance too!

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  • On_cloud_wine
    I understand where you’re coming from…
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  • ColHathi
    I'm not Christian, but just for curiosity's sake: If God forgives one of those guys that you describe as not having a history of abstinence and/or holiness, doesn't that mean that their past is forgiven as well, and that you should give them a chance in that case? Otherwise, what's the point of forgiveness?
  • Unfortunateguy27
    Maybe stop caring about seeking and you’ll eventually find. Due to your constant pursuit it may be evading you, love. If you stop chasing it will come back around
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  • rainn_stalker
    God forgave my sins, who am I to be so judgmental with a person that wants to change?
  • EffaMan
    Thank you for subject
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